Got caught...What now?

Discussion in 'General' started by Embree, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. OK so i got caught smoking weed about four weeks ago and i have been clean ever sense because my parents are now testing me every week! I believe that enjoying the herb a couple times a week is not a bad thing and i maintain my grades at around a 3.5 taking honors and some AP classes.. I do not see what is wrong with marijuana and my question is... "Should i continue smoking once my parents stop testing me? If so and my parents keep testing can i smoke while being tested almost every week?!?!"
  2. start smoking again when you turn 18?:confused_2:
  3. Indeed. :smoking:
  4. Or when you move out of mommy and daddy's house? Respect their rules man
  5. Or you could just tell them you're not taking those urine tests. You're certainly an adult so you can say "No"...right?
  6. Move out or respect thier rules buddy.
  7. that too :rolleyes:
  8. if you're 18, then you're in a pickle cause they can throw u out if u don't comply, i assume

    and if u r under 18, which is prolly the case, then fuck them. smoke if u want, just keep the grades up. plus, if they try to throw u out cause u smoke then tell them that it is your legal right to live in their house, and that it's not affecting your grades, it's safer than alcohol, etc . . .

  9. I always find it funny when people say this because really... If you look at the big picture... We all really have that choice yet we continue to live somewhere where marijuana is illegal and all chose to smoke it her rather than respect the rules...

    SO id say. smoke on. Just don't get spanked.
  10. I would just try talk to them DO NOT get mad at them just say look mom and dad i am doing very good in school if my grades drop ill stop
  11. Really? Respecting your parent's wishes and going against the laws of the State are 2 different things. Your parents feed, clothe, water, and raise you for 18 years and spend their hard-earned money on you. The least you can do is respect them.

    The State takes your money once you're of working age, and will immediately fuck your immediate or long-term life over if you're caught with marijuana. We don't have to show respect toward the State, because it's much harder to get caught smoking in your own house than it is to get caught by your parents while you're smoking under their roof.

    Respect your parents, kids.
  12. At first I thought you were a genius,

    Then i read this...

    Although you may not have been competing, you lost. Miserably. :wave:
  13. yeah idk. i agree with the whole respect your parents rules with that but he didnt really say if he was caught in his house or not by his parents. and most of us smoked even when our parents found out, just dont do it in their house. and if you really want to smoke still and take the test im not guarenteeing anything but basically you have to start drinkning alot of water a day or 2 before getting tested and pissing right when you feel you need to. keep things going in that cycle and drink a little gatorade liek a 1:3 ratio because it keeps the color in your piss. the idea of this is that you dont get the thc out of your body, but you flush your system frequently enough so it doesnt get detected in your piss, while the gatorade gives it enough of the waste the test detects and makes it seem like normal amounts. always remember smoke once takes 48 hrs to get out of your system and so on...
  14. Wear baggy pants, have a straightedge friend piss in a bottle for you, put it inbetween your legs...I'm sure they won't test you like a parole guy so you should be free to pour the piss in. If you don't wanna do that you're in a pickle and might as well follow their rules.
  15. Thanks guys this really did help a lot and i have made my decision not to smoke anymore, but i do have another question... "Can one of those five substance pee tests detect alcohol?" Thanks alot
  16. Nope. Bottoms up!
  17. It's funny that their attempt to stop you from smoking will just increase usage of alcohol - a harder drug.
  18. Good lol cause I am just about to go buy a lot of beer for tonight...but still...I don't like in nearly as much as smoking because when i drink it kind of closes my mind and control while marijuana opens my mind and i can really think from different perspectives on a lot of different things while having fun! But w.e. Im not gonna hurt my parents and i only have 2 more years till I turn 18 so beer will have to do.
  19. Haha. Keep your age on the down-low, oppression is rife in deez here forums.

    Seriously just tell your parents to get fucked. It's only weed.

    Or just explain your viewpoint calmly to them. Downplay your usage. Eventually they will stop caring (lose hope for you), just keep whittling away.
  20. I sometimes wonder if the people who say "respect the rules" had parents that let them smoke. I bet if thats the case and there parents didn't let them, they woulda still blazed anyway. I certainly did.

    You can always do what I did (not on purpose). Get on harder drugs that fuck your life up so your parents see that weed really isn't shit.

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