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  1. So the day started out with me lifeguarding at a pool, and after i got home i did the ussual thing cleaned up and went to my friends to smoke. I had decided that today was my last day smoking because i wanted to take a t-break before i started my college semester. So we bought a eigth and as were about to smoke my friends Gpa gets there so we decide to go to a park. So we get there get out of the car and realize that its windy so we get back in to the car and try to roll the blunt. Well seconds later a cop pulls up we drive away and they follow us and we get pulled over. The car smelled of weed because you know what happens when you break open weed. So the cop takes all our IDs and we sit in our car with suspense and i over here one of the cops saying we were called in for suspicious activity. One of our friends had a warrant he gets arrested while the other four of us sit on a curb. Luckily they let us call our parents. So they take me to the side and one of the cops talks about how he had a family member die from a high driver, that the people on the street that we got caught on(my street) have been getting burglarized and then asks me who was hopping the fence. This question baffled me because none of us had hopped a fence so i told him that we weren't burglars and that we were there to just smoke(they had already found the weed and bubbler). I go back sit down. Another cop comes and says "don't ya know smoking weed makes you stupid," in which i replied "cool story bro." Then another cop makes me stand up and is about to do a sobriety test when another stops it when he finds the unwrapped swisher. My friend gets released to his dad and i realize, theres over 5 cops here. This enrages me, in a city that has been having massive lay offs on our police and sheriff force why would they need so many cops, so i being angry that i'm probably gonna get a ticket speak out. " Man lots of cops for weed. Man weed is hella dangerous what are you guys gonna do." I got what i wanted to say out and they start saying there going to ticket me and impound my car for talking back. Anther cop pulls me aside and asks me why im talking back and then asks what the moral of tonight was, me trying to sound sorry and trying to do my best to get out of this say "don't smoke weed" in which he surprises me by saying " I dont care if you smoke weed just do it at home or get your card." So i go back sit down and wait for my parents. I get picked up they right down my info and send me off with only my belongings that i wanted from the car. My parents go and pick the car up after they drop me off at home.

    -Go to friends house to smoke
    -Gpa comes home
    -we go to park
    -get called in on suspicious activity
    -pulled over
    -car smells like weed
    -cops find weed and bubbler
    -friend gets arrested
    -the rest of us get picked up by our parents
    -I wasn't given a ticket nor was the car impounded.
  2. Close call.
    I've got countless tickets for doing harmless "illegal" things like skateboarding with friends in the city park and we would always get in more trouble because a dumbass friend would think he can talk shit to cops.You're lucky these guys aren't complete assholes or you could have been ticketed like fuck.They can legally do it too,I believe it's "Harassment of a Police officer".
    Anyways,did you get in trouble by your parents? My mom doesn't care if I smoke in the house or something but if I were to get caught by the police doing it she would freak the fuck out.
  3. They seemed more pissed at me for talking back to the cops than acctually getting caught. Yea talking back was stupid, but when you've been arrested before for tresspassing and they brought 3 cop cars and then they pull this shit, I mean all you see around my town is billboards talking about lay offs on cops. Like honestly there's people getting killed in my city 24/7 and there needs to be that many cops for a weed bust on some kids that are just tryin to have a chill summer night.
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    Sounds like a shitty place to live if people are getting killed 24/7 dude
  5. Why would you have to call your parents? Especially if you're 18 or older?

  6. read this, thought it said "smoke outta my friends Gps" and I thought,

    "pretty cool gps if you can smoke out of it"

    but then I read the rest of the post and realized

    cool story bro

  7. This.
  8. Not bad for getting caught

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