Got caught up at work, what do I do now?

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  1. Ok so my boss talked to me today and basically told me he knows I toke. I thought I was done for but surprisingly he said he didn't care just never ever do it near the store or while on the job. Later when I talked to about my hours he brought it up again and started asking me personal questions like why do I even do it or do my parents know. I'm not in trouble but feel so embarrased and don't know how to deal with it. I actually am very passionate about my job ( work at Panera) I come in everyday half an hour early and try my best everyday and I don't want him to think I'm some lazy ass.
  2. Next time he brings it up just say "is it okay if we don't talk about it? I keep it kinda private" or some shit. Hopefully he'll leave it alone
  3. Tell him why use use MJ. If's good enough for you then share the concept.
  4. I told him its because of stress. Which is half true. When I toke I just disregard all the problems of the real world and let my mind expand. Everything is so vivid and beautiful; just like that song by Coldplay: Paradise.
  5. Damn man, where do you work that's so uptight? All my managers know I toke and they don't give a fuck as long as I don't show up to work cheeched.
  6. Believe it or not there's still a lot of people whose views on weed are strictly negative despite the facts of the matter
  7. He doesn't need to be asking you questions about it though.. if you don't like it, tell him without being a dick. My 2 cents
  8. As long as you're sober when you go to work, it's none of his business.
  9. At one of my jobs my manager doesn't care if I (or anyone) show up blazed, as long as we use eye drops. He used to smoke but he's on probation but he gets off August 6th! Hopefully I can blaze with him
  10. Bro paneras is some bomb ass shit ya dig? Lol all jokes aside just say there's a time and a place for everything and on the job isn't one of them. He should respect that. Then if your 21 ask to go out for drinks at a bar get him drunk as shit smoke a bowl with him (not a J or he could say it was a cig) take a picture of him blackmail his bitch ass if he tries to screw you over=profit???

    Nah dont do that if he's chill.
  11. Hahahaha, basically all of my co-workers, and some of my managers know I party/toke, they don't give a shit really, because i'm really fast and I can handle so many things at customer friendly attitude coullllddd be touched up. :bolt:

  12. Everyone at my work tokes occasionally but they all are really secretive about it because they're scared my boss will be pissed if he finds out... except that my boss smokes even more than they all do so he doesn't give a fuck, and is keeping it a secret because he doesn't want his wife to find out. I've only been to work high once and didn't like it though, but I also don't really like dealing with people while trying to act sober and my job is customer service-oriented, so that would be why.

    Anyway, about your issue! It sounds like he honestly is just curious, maybe he's never had experience with marijuana and wants to hear about what it's like. I would straight up say that you don't come to work high and would never let weed influence your work the next time it comes up though, as a reassurance thing. I don't see any harm in answering his questions, but if it really makes you uncomfortable you can do what Stat says.

  13. ok...2 post total...18+ and he is EMBARRASSED to have been found out...:rolleyes:
  14. Lol what this dude said ^

    If your job doesnt test and you come in blazed, deny it, how they gonna prove it?

  15. It's not always about being some hardcore bad ass who doesn't give a fuck I'll fist fight anybody right the fuck now any place kind of person.. Were does that get you in life? No were.

    He obviously cares about his job, and also enjoys it. It doesn't matter if they urine screen or not, his boss knows, and he asked him not to do it near work or come to work under the influence of a mind alternating drug when he is trying to run a business. Please see boss's POV. Boss was cool enough not to fire him or anything and just simply ask him a respectful question.

    Cball, Why in the fuck would his post count of two matter, and he never said his age or even said he was 18+. Just because he is an adult, he shouldn't be embarrassed to use drugs? You're stupid, very stupid.

    OP I know what you mean by being embarrassed, a lot of non users tend to think everybody who does drugs acts like a crack head, is dirty, a thief, this and that. By being labeled as a drug user, people think of you like that because they are stupid.

    Just don't go to work high and do your job good.

  16. Terrible advice. You're going to get some stupid kid fired.
  17. How did he "know you toke"?
  18. I come to work with my eyes on fire usually, its funny when you hear an asian boss lady say "yeah, ok, you look like teeth vampire ok"
  19. personally i'd tell him i use it for medical you have good benefits? if not tell him you can't afford to go to the doctor lol

  20. coldplay??

    fuck man......

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