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Got Caught Today

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kardredor, May 23, 2010.

  1. Got caught for the first time today by my mom:

    I went to this hiking spot called Carpenters' Falls with some friends today where there are some waterfalls and just cool paths and stuff, and I packed my back pack with some clothes, my piece, all of that jazz. Well unbeknownst to me, my mom had checked it to make sure I had my shoes.

    We get in the car and have to drive through town, and she starts bringing up how she checked my bag to make sure I had my shoes and stuff. She was kinda laughing when she said it and I instantly knew she saw my shit, but I didn't say anything about it. A couple seconds later she says "So once we get out of town wanna toke up?" Excited as all hell I reply with "Really!? Do you want to?" She just kinda chuckled and said no.

    But anyways, all she really said about the whole thing was don't get caught by cops, other than that she didn't really say much. When I got back home from the falls she didn't bring up "So did you guys smoke?" or anything like that which is pretty surprising. My question though is that it seems like she's pretty cool with it and I'd really like to ask her if she wants to smoke but I guess I just don't know how I should go about it. I kinda think the best thing to do would just let some time pass because she did just catch me so she's probably still thinking about the fact that I smoke, and just wait for like a good time when its like just me and her at home or something and just get her in a good mood. Suggestions?
  2. Sounds like you got permission bro lol.
    Just ask her when you think the times really right.
  3. Sounds similar to a topic I posted...
  4. dude it sounds like your mom doesnt care about you smoking at all which is sick!!! this means that she's down with weed, so its straight to ask her. bc if she says yes then great! all is good. but if she says no, her view of you wont change or anything...itll just be like a regular question to her. ask her dude, itll be straight either way

  5. Yea, I don't think she cares at all lol. But yea you're right, either way I have nothing to lose so it couldn't hurt to ask. Thanks!
  6. first you sound young if your mom is driving you around but forum rules aside. take your moms apathy of your habit as a blessing and dont ask her to smoke. atleast dont ask her to smoke until you graduate high school or college. graduation days are normally ok. I got my mom to buy me a keg and 4 fifths of tequila for a party i was heading to lol!
  7. I would play it safe. You're mom seems ok with it, but don't push your luck. I would maybe give her some to enjoy on her own and if the time is right, ask her if she wants to smoke up. It's one thing to be ok with it and another to smoke up with your kids. You don't want to push the situation by keeping on asking her if she wants to smoke up and freak her out.

    My friends mom was a bit annoying and dumb when she would smoke with us. It seemed like a really cool thing until it actually happened. I would suggest to just take it slow and see what happens.

  8. lol owned
  9. If she was cool with it before, I say just go for it and ask her. What harm could it cause considering she already knows you do it and is cool with it?
  10. Yeah I'd leave it alone unless she asks again. She might have just been testing you to see if it was yours or a friends.

    But do what she says and don't get caught for reals
  11. just found out the other day my brother offered my mom a hit of my ROOR and she almost took it but thank god, that thing would have destroyed her lol
  12. my mom always let me do it. and one time she was drunk and asked me to go get some and we smoked together..pretty crazy
  13. my parents are close to like that to. but i definately dont ask them. i like our relationship like it is now. If i smoked with them or i was free to smoke it would change it all and mess it up.
  14. yo my bad. i posted on here that you should ask your mom. i was really high and for some reason i thought your mom was 18 years old...dont ask me why i thought that haha

    but yeah bro PLAY IT not take my "high advice"....dont push your luck just be grateful she didnt almost kick you outta the house like my rents almost did haha
  15. Just dont smoke it the house and you should be fine, and dont let her find out about you being a daily smoker, if you are one, Im like that, and my parents wont even let me smoke in the garage anymore, my dad actually broke my $170 bong, but I cracked him in the jaw for that, we dont speak anymore :) so I live with my mom, good luck sir, and dont over do it.

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