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Got Caught, Suggestions PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bray, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. So basically my dad found my shit. He left it all out on the table but he took my bud. Then he left to go to walmart for something. When he gets back im gonna talk to him. I dont think he will be too angry but i dont know if he will tell my mom. I dont think he will be perfectly okay with me smoking, but we can probably work something out. Can I please have some suggestions on what to say to him. should i show him the union?
  2. Tell him that he better stay out of your shit or you'll dorpkick him.

  3. This.
  4. Here's a suggestion

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    You know your dad best. In all likelihood, he's probably tried weed before and knows what it's like. Offer your apologies for hiding it from him and not being honest, but at the same time, assert yourself and explain that it's a lifestyle you chose and that it's not nearly as detrimental as purported to be by the general public and the media. Don't push this too hard if you notice he begins to be too irritated. Maybe try and make some kind of compromise.

    Anyway, ultimately, don't worry too much. The worst that can happen is an exchange of unkind words. If your father is even close to being a decent person, he won't shut you out from his life or make your life miserable just because you smoke a plant. Parents are there because they love you. I know it sounds cliche, but some people are just too afraid of there parents. If there are religious issues, then maybe there is more cause for concern. But if your father is generally secular, logical and unbiased, he may be able to approach this situation more rationally.

    Just calm down, and make sure to not avoid it. Go to him directly and resolve the issue right away.

    And to the posters in this thread: Living with your parents doesn't mean you're under 18. I too would get mad sketched out if my dad found my stash. I don't think I'd bother asking for advice though, because ultimately, I know how to handle my dad best, but we're a community here to help people. We have no proof he's under 18 so just give him the benefit of the doubt.
  6. He probably smoked it lol
  7. Here's a suggestion, if you don't have proof someone's underage shut your mouth and let GC worry about it.
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    Clearly the best suggestion..
  9. Its nothing to be ashamed of really just be confident in what you tell them and let them know that its just your way of relaxing just like he has his beer on weekends while watching the game you have a smoke. This sounds like you are under 18 and if you are you should probably apologize because you are still living in their house and you're not an adult yet to try and get by with the "I do what I want cause im an adult" routine.
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    yo, that crossed my mind too! :D

    I always dream up scenarios where I never tell my future son anything about my weed smoking and even pretend to be very anti-drug but somehow push him sub-consciously towards weed smoking (I guess letting him go to parties and whatnot often). And then on his 18th I'll find his stash and replace his shitty shwagg with some of the dankiest dank this side of dankhood with a little note saying "Lots of Love -Dad" :wave:

    I bet he'd trip hard.
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    I love the "should I show him The Union?" question that comes along with all these "I'm not very good at hiding small items" topics. Maybe if he's a big fan of Fear Factor that will work.

    You know your father best. Just be up front and honest. No use in lying or dodging difficult questions when he has your stash on the kitchen table. Oh, and tell him to shop at Target instead, ya know?
  12. For some reason I find that amazing. I actually can't wait to be a parent lol... I'm going to base my modeling off of That 70's Show, Red Foreman is the shit.
  13. If my dad takes shit I paid for he either gives me the money or the funk.

    He accepts and understands this.
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    Red Foreman is truly the shit..

  15. I'm 19 and I still live with my parents, got a problem with it asshole?

    Tell your dad smoking weed hasn't messed up your life and you're not addicted to it, show him the union.
  16. Some of you really have to learn to show some respect for your parents. I understand some of you are being sarcastic, but I'll make my point nonetheless. I'm all for hating on authority figures, but parents are different. They've had to endure your bullshit for years and pay your expenses. Justified or not, if they don't want you storing weed in their house (their property!) and they find it, they have every reason to confiscate it and be upset. I hide my stash well enough, but if my parents find it, I would totally understand why they would be upset. I always feel a bit bad keeping stuff hidden in my rents' house. My mom basically turns a blind eye and it's mutually implied that as long as I don't smoke in the house and hide it well, she won't actively seek it out. Of course my dad's going to take issue with it for religious reasons, but he also tends to stay out of my business too.
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    For Real. Whenever I see one of these, You just know..
  18. Tell him you'll never do it again, do whatever you can to make him believe it, then hide your shit better.
  19. Dude, dont show him the union, its just a biased propaganda film, I cant fucking stand it when people on this forum think this is the fix-all solution to all your getting caught/educating people about cannibus.

    Talk to him about it like a man, and remember that its his house. present a cogent argument, telling him why you smoke pot and why you believe its right for you. he cant stop you from smoking if youre 18, but its still his house...

    Good luck op.
  20. Luckily my parents have the mentality that since I'm an adult I can do what I want, but I'm the one who has to deal with the consequences. They'd never go through my room looking for weed even if they suspected I smoke it I don't think. (And plenty of people over 18 live with their parents, it's not like everyone moves out the second they turn 18. I've been 19 since May and I'm only just moving out in a few days.)
    ^ What you were saying about replacing your kid's weed some day reminded me of what I want to do when I'm a parent. For my kid's 17th or so birthday I totally want to make them a special birthday cake. That would be fantastic. :D Hahaha

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