Got caught stealin once,

Discussion in 'General' started by devils42491, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Man last night i walked into a 711 at god knows how late prolly like 2 or 3 in the morning with 3 other guys, and put 2 sandwhiches in my pocket. I was all kinds of drunked and smoked. He was like stop that kid he's stealing when i walked out. I just walked back in, cuz my friends were still there, didn't want them to have to deal with my shit for me. He was just like yelling some shit about calling the cops, and i had to pay for it. I wasn't scared at all cuz i had beer muscles(i was an invincible teenager), and i knew if he said he did call the cops, he couldn't keep me there.
    Anyway he caught me cuz he saw it in my poket... sucks . It tasted like shit too
  2. damn man-i have bad situations goin to 7/11 drunk-last time it was like 3 in the morning and i was headed up there mad drunk and the fuckin cops stopped me and took my last blunt -i was so fuckin mad
  3. Right before I turned 19 -( in new york the tabbacco age is 19) my freind drove one night, we wanted a pack of cigs ( I QUITE THANK GOD LAsT WEEK) and i wanted a dutch, so my freinds is freinds with one of the employee beacuse hes always walking around Target The Store were my freind works. I forgot why i wanted to go outside, but i did, i saw His dad walking in and i was like shit, I opened the door for him 2, and i distracted him by talking about what college i was going too. I was like yo ur dads here bro.
    He Turns and sees his dad and walks out, but he though the dad saw the whole thing, so he was ashamed and walked pass him.
  4. BTW I though that said OUNCE not Once
  5. dont steal.. no one likes a thief.:smoke:
  6. The title reminds me of my favorite song by janes addiction, "been caught stealin"
  7. lol
    my friend stole soo much
    well last month, he stole some binkinis, (the baby suckers) and he got caught and the cops said, what u goin do with that, go to a rave?? huh is that right? he like noo, it for my bro baby, (he lied to em) well he got banned from safeway across the nation, (america)
    he cant go to safeway without his dad... now he learn his leason
  8. Dude no one likes a thief.

    Although it was just a few sandwiches.

    I'll chalk that one up to being drunk and stoned at the same time.
  9. that's why you don't steal. lol
    if you could afford it in the first place why did you steal it

  10. When did that change? :confused: I could swear it's 18.
  11. "it's a simple fact when I want somethin and don't wanna have to pay for it..."
  12. So much easier to steal at a place you work at.
  13. Especially when you're a security guard there. ;)
  14. you suck at stealing, thats obviously what shop keepers are gonna look for you to do, put shit in ur pockets
  15. fixed, u had way to many syllables in there
  16. When you have a job, you can buy those sandwiches with money you earn. Its alot better this way, and makes you seem like less of a jerk off.
  17. don't worry. i technically got banned from walmart for forever :rolleyes:
  18. i got caught drinkin a 0.75$ soda from walmart...i was fuckin pissed cus i steal way bigger shit all the time and they bust me for that lol
  19. lol I remember I used to steal shit all the time when I used to live in new york. Especially teckdecks (those mini skateboards) and gunpowder (rocket engines) from toys R us. But other crap too, like food, candy, toys, spray paint, markers..

    The key though to stealing is, not let it stick out of your pocket :p

  20. it was supposed to

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