Got Caught Sneakin Out

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SmokeyDaMan, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. Well it was a Friday night and me and my friend just got back from Friday after Friday(The movie). We stay at his place. We call our friend JP. who has some bud. My friends parents stay up late but the guy who was coming to get us could only come at 11:45. So we crawled out his window. We get in our friends truck and go to his apartment. There we smoked 2 joints out of 4 people. I also learned the dollar bill rolling method which works flawlessly. So we are chillin there until about 1:20 where this kid comes over named C. My friend, the one who I was staying the night at his house, got kind of in a fight with C, who could of kicked his ass but didnt. So since it was an apartment and it was upstairs we left, because of the noise. So we go back home and crawl in at about 1:50.OH SHIT THE PHONE IN J's ROOM IS GONE!(Not to be mistakne with JP, the kids apartment we went to). His mom walks in "Where the fuck have you been" We lie and say we were at some girls house in our neighboor hood. She was like "I Dont care if you went to see the queen of Englad, you didnt have permission, if you were out 10 more mintues I was going to call the Police!" so we go to bed. The next morning I wake up hoping it was all a dream. It wasnt, his mom comes in and was like "Its 8:00" and left all pissed. I walked out just looking down, I could stand to look at her. Luckily she didn't tell on me so my parents dont know. But talk about a night, that fight thing was the best thing that happend, otherwise we would have been at the apartment for like 1 more house, which means the cops would have been called... but yeah... atleast I'm not in trouble, it was J's idea anyway.
  2. tisk tisk.

    the dollar thing was how i first got the knack of rolling real good..nice trick.

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