got caught smoking weed

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  1. Sooo it started literally yesterday afternoon I went outside on the balcony and I was sparking up and I thought my stepmom was still at the grocery store but I guess she came back right when I was sparking up and she smelled it and open the door and said " are you kidding me" and closed the door and I went back inside in my head im like "oooh shit im caught" so I turned to her and she was " oh your little brother is upstairs you could've went somewhere else and did it we live in a nice neighborhood where our peers look at us and idk if this is an addiction you got going on but don't do it here and don't do it again" I said okay and I also apologized anyways so I went upstairs and minded my business next thing you know my mom calls me saying " what happened over there with you and your stepmom because your dad said that you was heading over here" and In my head im like this woman literary sat up here and said don't do it again or go do it somewhere else but she called my dad and I'm like does she not know how my dad reacts when he's angry but honestly I felt like she wanted me out the house anyways my mom literally had the most common sense in this whole situation all she said was to just come over here. then my dad called as he was leaving work saying "pack your bags and get out of my house" and I said okay. then he calls me back saying "actually don't leave im coming to get you I'm taking my car back ( back story he bought this car for me because he didn't want me to buy a car) and honestly I was like okay because I don't feel like arguing, I was crying and etc like I know I was my wrong I didn't on his property but it was inside and I haven't even smoked yet so, I guess my stepmom told him I smoked in the house but I didn't smoke at all but I knew my dad wasn't gonna believe me over his wife so when he got home he started putting everything putting everything in his car then said" where's my key to car im taking that back" then he started looking through my bag asking where is the weed I hid it but I told him that I threw it away and mind ya'll I was using my regular voice I wasn't getting an attitude and next thing you know he literally grabbed my arm really tight and said "don't get an attitude with me" and I immediately started crying because I already been sexually assaulted twice and it just brought back so many bad memories and I walked off and got in the car didn't even want to look at him but he apologized and said no man should ever put there hands on you then proceed to say " just talk in a more calming way mind you I naturally have a soft voice so that was my regular tone any who he asked me when did I start I told him two years I've been on and off though so it wasn't a continuous thing like im some addict then he asked "what broke me" honestly I just told him my about depression.
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  2. but in all actuality in my head I was going to say "being bullied for almost two decades about your weight then add your parents trying to make you this perfect daughter forces me to lose weight and wear what they want to see me have on then they find out that you lost your virginty at the age of 16 then hearing your parents and stepmom repeatedly call you names that you would never ever say to your own daughter, then im also being treated differently now since I lost my virginty and oh yeah im 20 years old rn about to go on 21 bro like omfg this is what pushed me to my breaking point and I always take on ppl burdens even though i have my own problems , I worry about everyone else and I stress out to the point where I have panic attacks and I overthink then add depression so, yes occasionally I will smoke a blunt or two" but I didn't anyways he said this hurt me as much as losing my son" which is my older brother backstory ( he wasn't there when my brother laid in front of me gasping for air I was! not him and my brother died by a stray bullet while he was climbing in his bunk bed ) so for him to say that I was astonished and I became angry then he proceeds to say " you gone be real depressed tomorrow when you don't have a car and how you hurt your father" I was like are you kidding!?? so you want me to be depressed at this point im just gonna take uber to work and buy my own car cause this aint it, I understand my mistake for lighting up the blunt on his property outside on his balcony I accept that but everything else was just doing too much but I just wanted to see if I have a right to be upset with him and his wife oh yeah then he said I needed professional help mind ya'll I meditate, smoke occasionally, pray and I also have a counselor
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  3. this is as far as a made it.

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  4. you do know when you open the page to this site and it said are you of age,when you press yes and you aint it a lie,some day your gonna do the same and have actions to answer for.
    are you freaking kidding me,grow up,get your ass in your own house pay your own bills ,take what life has to offer and deal with it,dont use lame as excuses for a cop out when you know your wrong,called worm in my opinion,own up to you dumb ass shit,you should have walked around the damn block,you clearly dont respect your folk step mom or not hers and his roof is over your damn head.
    get out of there house,join the service they will i garuntee make a man out of you and when you get out of boot,you will then realize how much of a dumb ass kid you were,and then hope the hell they all except your sincere apoligy
    jezz damn kids want every thing for nothing,he guess what one day your gonna lust for some girl and have your own kids too,accident or not it still your responsiablity,man up child
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    just chill and don't smoke there, walk around the block find a bridge to smoke at, or behind a building. please don't leave your siblings at home by themselves.
    edit add on: Hope you have given your dad the key, just behave, be nice, someday you will be an adult too. Find your way in life, do what makes you happy, and live to the fullest. good luck kid.
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  6. Read it all, sounds like it was just wrong place wrong time even though I'm a firm believer in "their house their rules". Next time wait till you have free time, if this is an issue as stated above work your ass off rent a crib and smoke when you want and live by your own rules and stand on your own 2 feet.
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  7. Another underage quarantee, with seperation issues: ...18yo here please
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  8. Parents choose to have you. It's their job, that they chose, to have your back.
    Whatever follows after is their fault. Why not. You are here cause of their decisions.
    Dont want to deal with a son/daughter smoking weed because of trauma/depression/anxiety? Dont have a son/daughter.
    Dont want to deal with a struggling 20yo still in your house? Dont have a kid.

    Of course respect them and maintain your responsibilities. Not gonna blame you for smoking in a place youre safe in.

    Old schol is sad.
    Catt is right.
    Bzar not everyone lives in a place or a priviledge to allow them a job that pays enough for an apartment of their own +a car, + insurance +power+water+groceries+gas+health insurance+ clothing+laundry+car repairs..I can go on. Not even considering mental health or relations. It's not just get on your two feet with the snap of some fingers for A LOT of reasonable, capable people. For you maybe it was. You're lucky.
    Their house, their rules, their CHOICE. Dont have a kid if you're not gonna get a better patience/understanding.

    In the end you're going to struggle anyways. You seem decent enough that you probably dont even want to be there if you had a choice. And if your choice was to stay with your parents, is that so terrible? Should they not change some of their values as you have had to do for them, when they chose to have you exist with them?

    Coming from someone raised by my beautifully indestructible sister who pimped herself to make a living for us starting at 16yo and me at 11yo while we stayed at her pimps place. Then homeless by myself for a few years until I found out you can get paid to go to community college here. I wouldn't believe me either.

    You shouldn't feel like shit cause of their choice to partake in the endeavor of raising a human they created and or agreed to be a part of their lives.

    Kid wouldn't be there ruining your stress free, this-is-how-my-kid-is-supposed-to-be life if you didnt make the decisions to create a whole human mind and body in this existence.

    We as a race dont nearly understand the human mind, our existence, our world, our meaning and reason if theres even any, but oooooohhhh nooooo my struggling kid is self-medicating, ooooohhhh nooooo..

    Act appropriate, be respectful, do your duties, find your path, stand up for yourself, and dont silence yourself cause of what you've faced.
    Yes, obviously I get triggered by these kind of topics xP.

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    this is a prime example of this days society,were we went wrong in my generation,we gave in to crap sold by kids,in my gen kids were to be seen not heard,always reveled against that,seems there is truth behind it.
    these days the generation think every thing should just be gave to them ,every thing,because mama and daddy had sex,you didnt ask to be born,guess what they had sex,you mention you pimp yourself out ,to make ends meet,BS you did it for the quick cash,there are mcdonalds on every street corner to work at,even at 10 as you claim if your independent enough to pimp yourself out,your strong enough to find and work under the table for cash,i know i been working since i was 14,i lived in a damn wrecked 18 wheel truck in the back of a truck stop were i worked as child labor,so dont even try that hog on me.
    there is also in every town a labor hall for day labor ,if not i know there is a corner in your city were the cops dont jack with you trying to feed yourself and or family ,
    so all in all you are trying to fool all these folks into thinking the same way op is,which in turn your full of****,,so you think after all your tragedy the best and only thing there is is feel so sorry for me and them,hell no rise up and take this world by the nuts quit trying to blame shit and make shit happen,like i said other day 1 penny is the start of a bank account,i lived under house and stairwell and my truck,if any one can make it i made a point i was ,that the real goal and ticket l,do you wont sorrow or do you want peace,that the end game.
    im not judging you are the op ,im saying your both full of shit and want a hand out plain and simple,if you can walk run read and write you can make it in this life ,go to a third world country and you will see how much you really have and what you take for granite.
    you think you got it so bad,kids that were born when i was were born to work fields,so nope aint even trying to believe all that mess you bring onto yourself
  10. Time to set out on your own and live by your own rules. If you are bitter with your dad and step mom, think of a way to get them divorced and back with your mom like in parent trap.
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  11. Lol seeing as kids lose their virginities way before 16 I highly doubt they were being rude to you for that. What a load of waffle.
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  12. You knew they didn't want you smoking in their house, so why did you? Grow up.
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  13. Lol OP doesn't sound old enough to be smoking.
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  14. Go get your own house, a job and support yourself. Then you can do what you want. Until then....not your house....not your rules
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  15. Search internet for self help videos, and sympathy for yourself will help you none. Shake it off, and move on.
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  16. Teenage angst. Parents don't usually go off like this unless there's a history but maybe your mom will get you a car. Be respectful, obey her rules, don't sneak around behind her back, and don't lie to her. Even if they don't call you on it, parents can easily spot lies regardless of how clever kids think they are. Do the right thing and keep your room picked up.
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  17. Of course they do? How does the entire adult population do it then?

    Either you want something - or you don't... period. If you want the apartment, car, food in your fridge then you will do whatever it takes to do so. You will work multiple jobs if that's what it takes.

    If you don't then you didn't want it that bad.

    We live in an “I CAN’T” society. Too many have been coddled for too long. You’ll either work your ass off for the things you want or not. Its all about each person’s attitude if they want these things or not.

    Unless someone is handicapped and has an actual reason then theres no reason otherwise.

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  18. SHEEP i tell ya
  19. I refused to buy my 3 daughters cars. When my oldest, who has since put herself through school and is out in the workforce for a number of years now - all on her own, came to me at 16 and asked me to buy her a car (for one thing I knew I couldn’t afford to buy them all cars) because so many of her friends parents were buying her friends their own cars I had to tell her no - for a variety of reasons.

    Boy was she mad.

    She got over it though - and once she realized I was serious she started working 2 jobs after school and weekends - waitressing at a local restaurant and more importantly working at the local giant strawberry farm planting and picking strawberries.

    She did this 7 days a week all summer and kept going after school and weekends when school was in session. She saved 95% of her paychecks and watched HER OWN BANK ACCOUNT GROW.

    She bought HER OWN nice car, registered and paid her own excise tax and car insurance. She learned how to take care of herself. She put HERSELF through Nursing school and was on the Deans List 4 years in a row and graduated high in her class. I couldnt afford her college - but because she had a goal she filled out probably thousands of scholarship applications and got enough to only need to borrow (I had to co-sign) a small amount. Many of her friends were too lazy to fill out the scholarship apps and graduated owing $100k+.
    She cane out owing less than $30k and is now a Registered Nurse making fantastic $$$ at Maine Medical Center. She’s got a beautiful apartment, a brand new car and is living the American Dream - and she worked her ass off to get there.

    Her younger sister followed suit and my youngest is doing the same now - all 3 of them working in the rain and mud at the strawberry farm to buy their own cars. My middle girl supports herself as well and pays for her own apartment and car and everything herself also.

    None of my 3 girls would be where they are today if I had broken down and bought them their cars - they are all hardworking and know the value of the $$ because of it.

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  20. I agree with you, I was being a bit facetious with the remark about mom buying the car. My daughter also put herself thru nursing school as a single mother but I don't know if we'd go that way if there was a do over. Time with the kids is pretty important plus I had to do a hell of a lot of babysitting.
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