Got caught smoking weed...this is what happened (pics)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JCrohn, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. So here's the deal, I smoke weed for my crohn's disease to stimulate apetite...well, I have been using a light bulb vaporizer in order to keep the smell down, however it usually burns the weed and one day (after about a year of sneaking around) my mom finally caught me (and a friend, that was the reason i got caught) smoking in my room.

    We had a long talk, i showed them the union...and they decided that because the marijuana has helped so much, instead of my original fear of getting kicked out (and i was threatened to be kicked out) my parents are paying for all my doctor's bills, going to help me start to get my own MJ ;) , as well as bought me this because my mom thought that the light bulb way was unhealthy.

    So now the only problem is convincing my dad that i can get / maintain a job with medical marijuana...even a high paying one (although im only 18 at the moment so i will probably get a lower paying one)...any stuff you guys have that shows how easy it is to get around drug testing please let me see them :)

  2. story seems a too good to be true man! :smoking:
  3. It is indeed true, but i was shocked just as much as you probably are :p

    Ill have pics once everything is up and running :D
  4. word cannot describe how much i hate you lol jk man, i bet that reaction suprised the shit out of you lol
  5. Yeah, I had stashed my 1/2 oz that was in my room in like 8 different spots so they wouldnt find it all and throw it away....i was surprised when they actually didn't raid my room :p

    Not surprised i got caught...the bob marley smoking a joint picture kinda gives it away.
  6. awesome dude, thats sick u lucky:smoking:
  7. i mean if i saw somebody that has a poster of bob marley smokin a J, i would think that they smoked, but thats mostly because im lookin at the same poster right now lol
  8. Hey I am really happy for you. I have read alot of your posts and it sounds like MMJ really helps you. good luck.
  9. Happy for you. Enjoy the Volcano !
  10. well the thing is i have had the poster ever since before i started smoking...ive always liked his music.

    the kind of person i am (among the highest in my class at graduation) and the way i look/dress a lot of people aren't susceptible to me smoking.
  11. That... Is. Wow.

  12. I'd like to thank everyone on this community who has educated me and given me the information I need. The only thing I need now to make everything completely content is proof that marijuana has not that big of an effect on getting a good job. (my dad thinks that any bud in your system will get you fired from any job)
  13. holy fuck your parents are awesome. if my parents caught me (again) the last thing they'd do is buy me a $600 smoking device.
  14. also i wouldn't worry about MMJ affecting your ability to get a job. you have a legitimate disease that marijuana can help, unlike some MMJ users who say they have trouble sleeping sometimes to get herb. enjoy the vape:)
  15. That's awesome. My mom smokes with me occasionally but doesn't understand that I smoke for migraines, not for pure recreation like she used to.

    As to getting a high paying job, well that's another thing. You are certainly able to be successful if you can maintain your shit. As to drug testing, most companies I would really want to work for don't but it all depends on the industry.
  16. whatttt up fellow crohnie... its helped me and my poor intestines alot too...

    but wow, you got caught and all that happened was they bought you a fuckin volcano! thats amazing.

    My 24 non pot smoking sister thinks MJ helps my crohns a bunch...but I dont think she'll buy me a volcano, aha

    My parents havent done much research to know about it, so I dont talk to them about it much, but theyre chill with me smoking, but not the amount I do. aha

    oh well, gotta get highhh

  17. I'd say I'm one of the highest in my class too.....:smoking:
  18. you are the man not only did u get your parents to let you smoke weed, they bought you the best vaporizer on the market + rep you are an insiration to us all:metal:
  19. That sounds too good to be true haha.
    I'm glad for you bro.
  20. I am one of the top techs at my company doing high end audio installations and i smoke everyday for my insomnia and back problems. at 20 i have been supporting myself for 4 years while smoking. there is no reason that you can't hold a good job and smoke, you just have to have the ambition.

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