Got caught smoking near college campus.. please help?

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  1. I'm 18 and a freshman in college. The other night, I went over to my friend's off-campus apartment (who has a lot of weed and deals) with a friend and we were all toking up.. HOWEVER my friend put on really loud music and someone called the cops because of a noise complaint.
    When the cops came, all the girls (including me) ran straight to the bathroom and hid. Stupid, I know.. an hour later a search warrant comes and kicks us out of the bathroom and gives us all obstruction of justice charges.
    I was in handcuffs and the cops were asking me where my ID was. Being stupid (I was sobered up at this point) I said "in my jacket pocket", knowing that I had around an 8th of grinded weed in my pocket... STUPID. The cops searched my jacket, and took the weed.
    Now I'm in trouble with my college (received a letter from the student conducts office) because there is a zero drug policy even though I was caught off- campus. 
    I'm so nervous :( I have two charges now, should I get a lawyer for my court date? Should I plead guilty/not guilty? 
    I'm so anxious/worried. Never been caught before, just ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. Private or Public college? What state? 
  3. Definitely get a lawyer. He/She will be able to tell you the facts and realities of your situation.

    In my personal opinion you won't get hit with that obstruction of justice charge. They were just butthurt that citizens weren't afraid of them.
  4. Public college, Virginia.
    I can probably get the charge removed under the 251 disposition but that requires a 6 month suspended license, drug classes for 6 months, random drug tests, and community service.. but I'm hoping I can win the case.
    I found a lawyer and we're discussing on Tuesday but I'm so anxious/worried now :( 
  5. Me and some friends got caught smoking in my dorm my freshman year of college and we ended up with social probation for a year. Sucks getting caught but the punishment was no biggie. We also had to take some stupid online weed course. How did they find out you were students btw?
  6. @[member="SirRippington"] Oh.... yeah I'm expecting that to happen to me too. Sucks that happened to you too though. I had my student ID on me :( I'm just hoping I get the charge off my record
  7. Cop demanding your ID on private property? I don't care if they had a warrant or not, I would have been silent as a mouse. As far as I know even walking down the street you don't have to provide your ID to the police, just your name unless they have probable cause you are committing a crime. Situation A, cop asks for your license, you say absolutely nothing and the only "dilemma" is that you don't have your ID on you while on private property.Situation B, you point and give the police permission to search your jacket that you know has weed in it, effectively incriminating yourself. I don't mean to bust your balls man but countless people I know have literally turned themselves overto the police when they could have remained silent or refused a search within their legal rights!What was the warrant for anyway? During a search you have absolutely no obligation to help the police find anything. In fact the only words that I would have said would have been "am I being detained or am I free to go" or "lawyer". Like the above poster said I feel like that obstruction charge will be dropped...police use intimidation and public lack of knowledge to infringe on citizens rights and overreach their actual power. Nonetheless sorry for your hard luck man, those pigs will get their karma at the end of the daySent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. Get a lawyer and consult him with what you should plead and all other court related issues.(probly guilty cause the cop found it on your person) And if you were in the bathroom you shouldve flushed the weed no matter how painful it is. Its only an eigth, come on do you know how much it costs to hire a lawyer? Well thats life live I guess and learn. Remember we all make mistakes. Good luck either way.
  9. You can get deferred judgment if they have that there. It's just that you admit to the crime & they'll turn the other cheek if you don't break the law for 1 or 2 years

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