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Got caught smoking 3 times tonight

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reppin 713, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. So me and 2 other dudes went up to these bike trails at midnight and were smoking a couple bowls then some dude biking rode by and was like I can smell that way down there (points down the trail off into the distance) so my friend responded by idgaf l0l. Then I got caught by these people walking their dog, I didn't even hear the fuckers I just randomly heard someone yell you guyzzz smokin some dank??? Then my friend thought it would he a good idea to yell no it's meth. Needless to say we ditched his dumb ass and apparently we left him 10 miles from his house when it was literally a mile not even.

    So then me and the other friend went to a parking garage and light up a bowl then these 2 kids on longboards come outta nowhere and one comes up and was like can I get a hit. So we gave him one then the 2 skaters just kept going up and down the parking garage, it was like 5 floors.
  2. hotboys like shit
  3. Two of those aren't really getting caught.
  4. Dude omg you are so bad! I should call the cops!!!
  5. This happens to me in Yosemite all the time, bro. People don't care as long as you keep your shit good.
  6. damn....busy busy place to smoke at..
  7. I'll just go for a hike and pull out my pipe Sherlock (That's its name, lol.) and start toking while on top of a mountain. The only time people care is if I'm in their face about it, I'm polite about it though, just get off the beaten path and toke away.

  8. Yeah but who the fuck walks their dog at midnight? That's like asking to be raped.

  9. by who? the two highschool kids smoking a blunt in the same location? :rolleyes:

  10. lol, yeah and some of those ppl were pretty bold to be askin for a hit....u coulda been a fuckin crazy ass or somthin....i wouldnt go up to strangers at midnight askin for a hit.......................
  11. that's a cool name, did you think of it yourself?
  12. This thread reeks of badassness

  13. Yeah thanks I'm kinda a big deal.
  14. lol you are smoking in public what do you expect. I actually have never been confronted and I blaze while walking around outside a lot. strange
  15. Do you live in reverse town?? i mean i go out at midnight sometimes to but ive never seen a guy riding his bike at midnight, a guy walking a dog at midnight, or evan anyone that isnt in a car, or just walking! WTF
  16. Yeah, it's like a glass version of the stereotypical "sherlock holmes" pipe.
  17. #17 Jazzyj, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    For real? You must live in a really small town. There are people out doing all kinds of things at midnight. Hell, I've seen people playing tennis at 4 am in 40 degree weather.
  18. lol damn dude, you must have some dannkkkk weed if a biker could smell it all the way down a trail while riding.
  19. fucking old people in Texas do man, its to damn hot during the day lol!!!

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