Got caught selling weed with cell phone text!!

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  1. Hey can anyone help me? Im from so cal. I got caught with possesion intent to sell. and they found my phone with texts! Can i fight it!? How? I have text with pple saying they want sum herbals... Oh ya and with hadh too! So two felonies!! I got no med card at the moment. Pleaz anyone help!!
  2. say you lost your phone and someone must have used it? but sounds like you're screwed, should have deleted the texts or jsut simply not lost your phone
    personally i don't know
  3. when i got arrested they police took my phone and were trying to turn it on but the battery was gone , if they had of turned it on they would have found lots of pics of my grow , bags i bought , joints and messages about buying and selling , i would of been so fucked
  4. Dude, delete your texts if your going to do something illegal. You will go to prison, better get a good lawyer. Best case scenario is that you only get a few months in prison a huge fine and a lot of community service. Also, don't deal over the phone. Even if your just like me and all you do is smoke, don't keep evidence of crime ANYWHERE. This is why you should leave the dealing to professionals. You should have just got a job and stuck to buying like the rest of us and now your fucked. When I buy, I leave my phone at home and just show up an my dealers place. The police are sharks, so don't be bait just cause you think its cool. Lastly, i'm sorry about what happened to you, its bullshit they get like this over a plant.
  5. They'll get a charger and turn it on and have a professional go thru every last bit of your phone. Deleted or not its still embedded in your harddrive. Plus now they have reason to get a warrant for your phone records. Get a lawyer and quuit sellingy or atleast quit taking pictures of illegal Shit and quit using txt to sell. That just leaves evidence when u do txt and take pictures. Just call or have them call. They gotta have a warrant to tap your phone. And if they do give it back get rid of it and get a new one. Chances are its bugged. And use code words when you talk. Never hurts to be cautious. Better safe than sorry.
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    And go get a lawyer asap. It's your only hope. Public defenders suck and its obvious you haven't been doing this very long or know the law well. No offense. And get rid of anything u got, paraphenlia included. Stop selling and get clean until you talk to a lawyer and find out your options and whatnot. And I would stop selling till all this is over plus some cuz they gonna be watching u like a hawk. Ur in California , why didn't ya get a caregivers lisense or something. Now u can't unless u can get it dropped from felony distribution to possession or all together. Stay smart man. Good luck.

    P.S. Use a prepaid phone to push not a contract phone. Duh! Or atleast set up a Google accounts number if Youre using a contract phone. So clients don't know you're actual number.
  7. Im afraid the cops are gonna jack my phone and be bombarded with tittiy pics and pics of me flicking off my tv
  8. And that's why marijuana or pot or any other terminology for the plant is not used to buy or sell in a text. It's "green", or "goods", or "stuff", etc. In these parts if you don't follow that rule then your getting nothing but ignored by whomever you contacted. I would suggest you do the same. Anyway, if they don't have ANY real hard proof then just say it is an inside joke or something like that and hope for the best :)
  9. They have to have a search warrant to go through your phone.

  10. If you get arrested they no longer need the warrant.
    Just ask anyone who ever had a DWI.
  11. shouldve smashed your phone. i snapped mine in half back in high school when the principal tried to look thru it.
  12. If this is your first offense, you probably won't be screwed if you can get a lawyer.
  13. I would have snapped my principal in half for trying to look at my phone. He's not a cop, he can eat a dick.

    As for the OP, if you can get a decent lawyer, you can more than likely get out of jail and get 1-3 years probation.
    My buddy got nailed for three counts of distribution at a party that got busted. He got three months in jail and three years of probation. He didn't have a lawyer, and it was his second offense. (First was possession)
    Another friend of mine got pulled over for a DUI (rolling+driving=bad juju) and busted for three felonies and a couple of misdemeanors. (don't remember what they all were. Distribution, contributing to the delinquency of minors, DUI, felony possession, etc.)
    She only spent three days in jail, and ended up getting off with a plea deal, 1 year probation, and all of her charges were expunged.
  14. Try and get a lawyer dude. If not, pled not guilty and ask for a drug ed program. 90% of the time they will let you go without any jail time and a "non guilty" verdict on your record cause courts get a lot of rep for sending people for rehab. It worked for me.

  15. This goes for YOU and EVERYONE else.

    If you didn't talk to the police, you are sitting as pretty as possible. If you did, you are screwed. Never say anything to the police other than:

    "I am sorry sir, but I have been instructed by my lawer not to speak to you in his absence. I am exercising my legal right to await his councel."

    Anything else you say will be used to destroy you. They will yell, threaten to talk to the judge, tell you that lawyers will only steal you money, etc. Don't worry. Judges know cops for the rabid dogs they are and likely will not hold what they say in as high a of regard as the officers would have you to believe.

    Also, if they ever tell you that a friend (or anyone) has already ratted you out and you should cooperate, they are lying. If you were ratted out already, they wouldn't be talking to you.

    Good Luck.

  16. Haha whyed you do that? Idk where your from but a principal has no right to go through your phone thats illegal.
  17. lmao i thought at first this thread was" god caought selling seed with cell phone text!!" i wasl ike wtf
  18. As snapping it in half would make the Police give up and not pursue any criminal charges..
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    People still don't have passwords on their phones :confused: If ur gona deal use some common sense..
  20. Haveve we learned anything from the wire. Use a trap phone once out of minutes, give to a crack head!!

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