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Got caught, now getting tested, but im strangely ok with it all!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by samkilty, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, i am 18 and in high school. I came home the other night with ultra-red eyes (i lost my rhotos and had to use visine which just made them worse). Anyway, my parents have been pretty suspicious for a while so i was basically forced to confess. They weren't mad, they just were glad I told the truth. They're gonna test me every month until summer, just to ensure that i don't have a "problem." Since I got caught 2 nights ago I can still probably smoke (if i fail the next drug test i can just say it was from Wednesday, when i was caught). I have some dense top shelf bud from a dispensary here in oregon and I'm just gonna get really, really baked tonight. It'll be my last time smoking until summer, so i'll make sure to enjoy it. Anyway, I've been smoking pretty much everyday for a year so it shold be tough to go without smoking for that long, but i'll keep you guys updated on how it goes. cheers! :smoke:
  2. T-break :smoke: Sounds like your parents are alright. At least they're not banning you from doing it forever!
  3. it sounds like if theyre just checking to make sure u dont have a problem, u could probably still smoke every now and fail a drug test or too, just not all or even alot of them. but goodluck, summer isnt too far away but still i know its hard sometimes
  4. dude if i lived in Oregon, i would just get a card...

    boom legality.
  5. Can you buy from a dispensary with out a card?
  6. Your parents sound pretty cool man. My mums the same, she knows I smoke, we're pretty open about it, but she doesn't want it becoming an everyday thing, even though it more or less is, but I don't get tested. Build up there trust a bit. You could probably smoke every now and again just be honest about it, they'll trust you more, and probably relax a lot.
  7. If you live in Texas or try order online Palo Azul, it's a bark from the south that you boil like tea and it completely cleans your system. My friend is on probation and used this and he's smoked heavily for 19 days and came out clean when he tested himself after he drank that stuff! The system can be beaten! :D :smoke:

  8. This is the point of the card
  9. Than what the deal? He's legal

  10. It's still illegal to sell weed in Oregon.

    There are ways around it, sure, but the way that the law is set-up makes dispensaries illegal.

    And OP, this post made my day. You have a good head on your shoulders for acting maturely about your situation. Your parents sound pretty great to, and I hope you have a good enough relationship with them to understand where they're coming from.

    It's a bad situation at first, but you can turn it into a positive. You can have conversations with them about weed, slowly, and openly.

    You sound like a chill guy.
  11. [quote name='"Domuk"']Can you buy from a dispensary with out a card?[/quote]
    Um. No.
  12. I pretty much got caught enough times in highschool that they eventually stopped giving a shit. Your on your way op. haha
  13. #13 samkilty, Mar 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2012
    thanks IDKidea, i definitely feel like ive got a weight off my sholdurs now that they know. And I don't have a card, my buddy does and he sells me dispensary weed. I'll let you blades know (if i'm not too stoned) how tonight goes. I'll try to keep this thread updated to let you guys know how my (forced) T-break is. I'm sure it'll be a struggle and i'm glad ive got everyones support.
  14. This is what you do. I'll give it to you in steps.
    1. Find 5 dollars.
    2. Make sure it's actually 5 dollars.
    3. Get the keys to a car/truck/other things
    4. turn it on
    5. drive to walmart
    6. Go to the camping section
    7. fast forward.
    8. buy potable aqua brown top, put 4 tablets into a gallon of water wait 30 min to desolve. drink 2 hours before test. drink another half gallon pee a few times. and ur good. just make sure ti pee mid stream when ur givin ur pee. This works 100 percent of the time. (if done correctly)
  15. have some tolerant parents
    you can smoke a few times a month and get away with it or take a tbreak. i'd go with the break
    smoke all summer :smoke:
  16. My honesty with my parents did nothing but good in the end. (Although i'm 38 and was 35 when opening up) Wish i would've done it sooner personally.

    Be responsible and open, not defiant, and show them how it can be done.

    Clean for 8 1/2 weeks now (forced due to employment situation). It can be easily done.
  17. man high school back in tha 90s was like one of the best places to be blazed :smoke:

    enjoy your school years, youll never get them back.
  18. True that. I was in college when I talked to my parents about it (I got arrested for being dumb and smoking in my dorm room). My mom is sort of an independent, my dad is seriously conservative, he was in the military from 18 to 55. In any case, I figured neither of them would react well at all, my dad in particular. It turned out that since I was able to talk to them about it in a sensible and responsible way they were much cooler about it than I thought they would be. It actually turned out they thought about it the way that an informed, logical non-smoker should (in my opinion). They know it isn't some demon drug and that it's pretty much harmless and the only thing that's bad about it is the screwed up legality issues surrounding it.

    Anyways, being mature about it and showing them that you can be responsible and that you have a good head on your shoulders could go a long way. For me at least it's come to the point where I can talk to my parents pretty openly about it. I don't tell them high stories and shit like that, but they moved out to a state that has medical mj and we talked about it for a while just the other day.
  19. So I got blazed for the last time last night, it was sort of sad to be honest more than anything. But I'm ready to start my journey through sobriety for a few months. Just need to sell all my shit this weekend so i'm not tempted. I'll keep this thread updated for how i deal with not smoking. It's gonna be an abrupt change from smoking every day to never, and i'm sure it'll be tough, but i am ready. Thanks for the support blades!
  20. finishing up day #2 of being sober (havent smoked since friday night) and it's getting a little rough. I'm seriously contemplating smoking tonight, since my parents know i smoked wendesday and if i fail a drug test i can just say it was from wednesday. right? Should i smoke? Idk....please give me some advice. If i did smoke it would be my last time for sure.

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