got caught need to get stuff back.

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  1. sup guys my mom found my whole stash and all my pieces she fucking tore apart my room one day but idk i jsut left a pipe right on my desk (yah i know, fuck!) and she took like 3 grams 4 pieces and my grinder with alot of keif. i know it has to be in her closet ive been home everyday b/c theres nothing to do and i want to go in there and get my shit back well just a few lil nuggs and my grinder back. but her closet is a walk in closet and it has a lock not like a pin a fucking deadbolt type lock she has all her jewelry, special papers and shit i guess in a safe too but idk how to get it back its always locked im thinking ill wait till she like walks my dog and ill just run in for 30 seconds do a quick sweep and blast out. but im really not to sure. shes really anal about drugs thinks weed is the worst thing in the world.

    fuck there are over the counter drugs that are worse then cannabis she wont except the fact its not worth argueing i just dont want to upset my mom anymore we had a good relationship until this little incident.

    k so any tips?
  2. Move out?

    Until you do, it's her house, her rules. Deal with it or find a new place.
  3. i wouldnt move out just for weed. i really couldnt deal with moving out now.too much at the moment but i do in the future obviously.
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    better her confiscating all that stuff than the police. You sound a little careless.

    Like lucas said, you live in her house you have to respect her rules. breaking into her closet wont make anything better
  5. true, no i respect her rules and herself. i just want to get my grinder back and a little nug. im most likely just going to quit for a while until i can move out or whatever

    weed is no priority tho.

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