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got caught need immediate help...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alex is awesome, May 20, 2010.

  1. I smoked for 4 days straight and passed a probation piss test for cannabinoids and THC within 22 hours of last smoking using my own piss. But I've also failed twice within 26 hours and 18 hours. So its a gamble, but you can minimize the traceable amounts of thc. Also I have 5% body fat, excercise everyday, I drank 2 1/2+ gallons of water and used mass amounts of B vitamins (to make the piss yellow) and also used creatine and liqid cranberry. If you have access to a sauna use it!!!!
  2. Will you pass?
    Will things be as bad as you think?
    If you are on probation (I was for 3 years) you sign a contract saaying you will stay off substances, or there will be reprocussions. fess up, and tell them the truth, its the lying that will get you in trouble. More than likely they will increase your probation time.... but jail??? on what charge. You were not in posession of marijuana. I am no P.B. officer, and i dont know the rules in your state/country, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
    but seriously if alex is as awesome as he sounds, he will be responsible, fess up, and bite the bullet. Its your own fault that you smoked... and you got cought!? ON PROBATION!? As my Russian family would say.... "what are you, Polish?"
    Best of luck man. hope you learned your lesson.
  3. Oh that is shit. Shouldnt have smoked on probation. Althought i don't know how stuff works in the states as far as weed goes.

    Here you just get a misdemeanor charge for anything under an ounce, i don't even think you can get probation for marijuana..... Unless its over an ounce, cus that's trafficking.
  4. I smoked w/a guy back in the day that ended up havin to go to probation the next day n he drank 2 GALLONS of water b4 he went pissed once at home and passed the test when he went... SO IT IS POSSIBLE!!
  5. ya what he said sry missed this one on my way to the bottom... but yeah a gamble but possible!!
  6. dude get your mate to piss in a jar , put it in your balls , walk in the room , pretend you pissed , name cleared...
  7. He's gone guys. He's gone...

    We're gonna have to count this one as another loss.
  8. Yea op Is getting raped atm
  9. Hahhaha, he's serving out them handjobs like OSG said he'd be doin
  10. thats icky
  11. exercise like a mother fucker and drink pmegrante juice, green tea, and more importantly drink water
    your pee should be clear
    keep drinking
    then take a vitamin tongiht
    but exercise and water are key
    unless you're kinda heavy
    then eat lots of cheese and fats
    this is what i did for my walmart drug test
    i passed btw
  12. Mmmm handjobs...
  13. hehehe the idea of rehab for pot makes me chuckle every time.
  14. yeah i'd be like "why the fuck am i here again?"
  15. have you seen half baked? lmao
    -there like have you ever sucked dick for weed?
    -Exactly now get the fuck out!
    LMAO :smoke:
  16. hahahaha thats the best part of the best movie. :hello:
  17. lmao!
  18. Haha one of the best yes indeed lol
  19. Dude, when you are on probation, a Probation Officer of the same sex watches your dick as you piss.
    A single P.O. has probably seen more dicks than jenna jamerson and your mom combined.

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