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got caught need immediate help...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alex is awesome, May 20, 2010.

  1. ok so now i got caught yesterday and am getting a drug test today... i only took 1 good yesterday and thats it... so i been watering it down and using vinegar... do you think i have a chance of passing..?
  2. Before yesterday when was the last time you smoked??

  3. no. if you take a piss test you are gunnaa test psoitive if you smoked at all yesterday
  4. sorry im just scared bcuz its pass or jail... it was only 1 hit! are you sure...?
  5. Unless you can get away with the old switching piss trick.... really hard to do... other than that you might be ummmm... screwed.
  6. Pass or go to jail??? Are you on probation? If so then smoking was a rather dimwitted thing to do.

  7. you consumed a substance that stays in your system for a minimum of DAYS and possibly weeks.

    what so hard to understand?

    you're goin to test positive.

    its pretty straight forward.
    dont be scared either, you put yourself in this situation.
    you made a choice awesome Alex.... be awesome and deal with it!

  8. Dude if he's facing "jail time" for one hit thats just unjust. This should be motivation for us to keep pushing harder for legalization/ reform. The country is ruining normal people, who just enough the use of herb, and we all know it's not right. And this is why we come together as fellow blades. So try to be a little supportive if anything. You don't kick a man while he's down.

    On another note hopefully you can get away with treatment or a fine... good luck brother!

  9. Yeah but if you are on probation and slip up, that's your own fault. You clearly know all the consequences behind those actions. I was on two year felony probation and I pushed my luck waaaaaay more than I should of and my advice to anybody on it is to just stay clean. When you think about it, your risking your freedom for a couple hours of fun....just doesn't add up to me.
  10. OK, man, there are several of us wondering WTF is going on here...Probation or what?

    Basically the way I read YOUR post here is you got caught yesterday, and you're getting drug tested today. Who's the fucking genius who ordered a DT one day after you got caught? It's rather obvious to a 3rd-grader you're gonna test positive, so WTF is the point in the test?

    Unless you ARE in fact on probation, and then...well, I guess I've got nothing more to say, because you KNEW that you could probably get popped at any time for a DT.

    Sorry man, best of luck with the consequences, but there's probably little chance of you passing now.

  11. If he was on probation than thats a different story I completely agree. But he never stated we was, all he said was that he got caught yesterday... so let us not make assumptions or jump to conclusions. The pass or jail thing seems far-fetched but give the kid some advice or wish him good luck. Simple... :)

  12. This.

    But try for a detox drink.. I've heard stories of those working.
  13. Always remember, do not under any circumstance pick up that bar of soap
  14. Something tells me he'll be in a juvenile facility so it might not be THAT bad. He'll probably just have to give out some hand jobs.
  15. or rehab...?
  16. Dude, probation is a good time for a T-break! Why would you fuck up?

    It's your fault man. You gambled and lost, hard. Sorry dude. You fucked up.
  17. OP, we need more info on your situation.

    Fucking funny.
  18. he will experience penis envy, for sure

    and then kill himself

  19. i heard someone was giving free hand jobs in here :hello:
  20. Dude im sorry but its your own fucking fault. Why the hell would you hit it? This is the exact reason why people make up bullshit accusations like "weed is addictive". Its not addictive, but people like you make it seem that way. I'm actually pissed at you for doing that, because now youre going to get caught and you're just another marijuana charged douche in juvi. Dude, just put bleach in a VERY small container (eyedrop container) and just drop it in there. Better have a void test then a positive one.

    Good luck asshole.

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