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Got caught...kind of. Help a fellow blade out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonerbro00, May 19, 2010.

  1. So i started smoking in college, but now is my summer break. The other night i went to smoke with some friends and forgot a dutch wrappers in my car and my dad found it. They were asking me about it and a made up some half ass lie, whatever. But they said theyll be watching me closely, not a definitive drug test tho.

    So GC, how should i go about handling this? I've told my mom so much over the years about how mj isnt bad and its all media controlled, and i said to her tonite that i respect that they dont like it, so if i ever did smoke i wouldnt bring it home. Some of their friends smoke and they arent real winners, mostly burnouts barely getting by. (Yay stereotypes) They dont realize how not terrible and life consuming it is, they truely believe if i smoke i will go no wheres in life. I already asked my mom if she would watch a documentary if i sent it to her (The Union) and she refused. In her head that'll confirm that i smoke and she feels it would be a biased documentary.

    I'm stumped and i'm looking for your guidance fellow blades :D
  2. if your gettin your shit done then what can they say? as long as your goin to school keeping a job or whatever your doing and keeping it out of their house and away from them they cant say much. if they catch you this is what you say," mom im getting good grades in school, i have a job, im not fuckin up or anything whats wrong with smokin a blunt to relax at the end of the day?" or something along those lines. catch my drift?
  3. Under their household, you must respect their rules.
    If you don't like your rents rules, leave. You're a big boy.

    Once somebody is set that marijuana is a "devil-drug" they will believe it. Combined with propaganda the gov. puts out, you should lose all faith in your rents allowing you to smoke.
  4. JMO: Man if you're in college and it's getting to be this large of an issue, you're not going to lose much if you sit them down and talk with them; telling them that you know they're scared for you, but that you also know yourself and that you're not going to become the kind of person they hate. The best way to show them that, then, is to live your life and not fuck it up. :)
  5. If I were you I would tell them the truth. Be respectful and just let them know you smoke, but it doesn't affect your work at college or w/e.
  6. Well once they have a confirmation that i smoke, my car and social life go bye bye :(

    I will use this point next time its brought up because it really is the truth. My GPA is almost 3.0, i have never gotten in any huge trouble in my life and they know im smart and responsible. My mom was like "why is life so hard that people need to smoke to get away from it??" I was like are you kidding me?? People dont smoke to get away from it, people smoke to enjoy it more. Thanks for the advice tho, deff will use it! I know exactly what theyll say too "oh its illegal". Really? Cause i've turned a blind eye on my dads beer can always between his legs when were driving. "Hey dad, how do you spell hypocrite..."
  7. this is the most true statement ive read. i had a similar situation.. my dad kinda knew i smoked, he claims he could smell it, but told me to try and keep it away from mom. well a few weeks later im sitting in my car AT 3 AM. hot boxing with a blunt, listening to music at a very low, but not low enough, volume; my mom came out and banged on the passenger window, scared the shit out of me.. she was BUGGING OUT at me but whispering (kinda funny)...
  8. What did your mom do??
  9. Just imagining this makes me laugh

    Mom: Knocks on Window
    You: Roll windows down with smoke going everywhere
    Mom: WTF? What are you doing (whispering)

    OP: If you are already back from college, you should try to get a summer job and save up, and get at least a small apartment.
  10. Just don't get caught again. I doubt your parents will drug test you and if they do then just pull a guilt trip. Ask them why the hell they don't trust you. Also, The Union is a great documentary but if I showed that to my parents they would instantly know that I smoked weed. But hey, if your parents already know then whatever.
  11. Prove them wrong. Make something of yourself. With a joint hanging out of the side of your mouth. ;)
  12. Myths and Facts About Marijuana (Drug Policy Alliance)

    Marijuana | Drug War Facts

    Use these links to get FACTS to show your parents when they CATCH you smoking, not before or they will know you are smoking. Don't show them the union until they are ok with the facts, or they will laugh at you. The union is so biased any intellectual person would think you are insane thinking it would sway them. But the facts now there's a different story.

    Just get the facts all in one word processing document so when you are caught you have the ammo ready.

  13. who gives a fuck if they test you, your 20+ years old.
    they cant do anything.
  14. I'm in a somewhat similar situation.

    I started toking once I got out of college. Now all through high school, I was 100% straight edge and was one of those brain washed kids that thought heroin and marijuana were in the same league, didn't matter what the drug was.

    Once I graduated, I learned that one of my close friends (valedictorian of my class) toked up daily. He convinced me to try it, and from then on my perspective on marijuana, and life in general, changed for the better. Over the past year, I have become a much better person, enjoy life much more, and am much more open to things.

    Anyway, last summer I purchased a VaporGenie (this is what my buddy used and I toked up with the first time I ever toked). I'm also a cross country runner putting in anywhere from 70 to 100+ miles per week year round, so the idea of smoking anything and doing any harm to my lungs was something I did not want to deal with. Plus on the few occasions I have smoked, I barely got high at all and really didn't enjoy it, the hits were way too harsh and it tasted horrible.

    When I first started I was a very recreational user, maybe 1 day a week at most, and usually only in social situations. When I entered my first semester of college, it increased to maybe 2-3 times a week, but never anymore than that. However, once the spring semester came around I began toking up daily in the evening. Not much, only about a bowl of day to help me sleep and unwind at the end of a long day filled with classes, studies, running, etc. A $20 bag could last me a week or more, and the living was good.

    Time passed and the semester ended, and 2 weeks ago I came home for the summer. Now back at school, I would vape worry free in my dorm each night. At home I would be a little more worried of my parents possibly catching me, but I knew the odds would be extremely slim since they suspected nothing of me and would never be looking for it (I have a job, a 3.96 GPA, and I'm on full scholarship for cross country at school, and have never had a sip of alcohol in my life). I would simply wait till they fell asleep, vape my bowl, then go to sleep.

    Last weekend after getting home one night from my friend's house (where I was toking) I misplaced my car keys. My father decided while I was out for my sunday run to try and locate them by searching through my room (and my parents NEVER go through my things). Low and behold, he came across my laptop case which had my VG, grinder, scale, a visine bottle, and multiple lighters tucked away in the hidden compartments (he went through all of them trying to find my car keys). My own fault for misplacing my keys, I really did think I would never be caught by my rents.

    When my father confronted me, he didn't even believe the laptop case was mine. He thought it was my brother's (who is 27 and basically a total burnout). He had a lot of problems when he was growing up with pot, depression, and harder drugs as well. It eventually led to him dropping out of school and he still lives home to this day. However, I was very upfront with my parents and told them everything was mine, which left them in total disbelief.

    They weren't mad and said everyone is human, but that they wouldn't stand for me risking my entire future to smoke pot. They said if they ever found anything in the house again, or find out I was smoking, that I will no longer be living on campus at school and they will take my car away and several other privileges. I tried to reason with them saying that I'm nothing like my brother and that I live a perfectly constructed life and simply enjoy a bowl at the end of the day. But there was absolutely no convincing them, they said that my brother was fine for the first year too, but then eventually dropped out of school, went to harder drugs, and basically became a total fuckup. I would never let that happen to myself, but there was no convincing them in that matter.

    They threw out my VG and everything else, and damn it's been hard sleeping this past week. I'm probably just going to take the summer off and just concentrate on making money and training, but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss the ganja. It would probably be best for me to wait till I go back to school to consider buying another VG, but it just sucks now that I have to deal with my parents knowing, as now they will be on the look out for it.

    Sorry for the ridiculously long post, feel free to comment, just felt the need to share my story. It's gonna be a long summer. :(
  15. Wow, that's not cool man. That sucks alot. I feel for ya.

  16. Tell me about it, and it's only been 6 days. Hopefully the severe insomnia I've been feeling the past week subsides shortly.
  17. Start smoking tobacco in the papers around your parents. They will lose suspicion
  18. [quote name='"masonobeans"']Start smoking tobacco in the papers around your parents. They will lose suspicion[/quote]

    This lol
  19. 2 year old thread.

  20. [quote name='"gtx1"']2 year old thread.


    Damn ur right! GC why u put old thread at top of apprentice forum!?!

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