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Got caught in the Dorm.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeGetHigh, Jan 28, 2014.

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    My guess is that it won't be too severe depending on how many times you have been caught. The worst they will do is kick you out of the dorms, but thats the harshest of the harsh. You guys should have just shut up and not opened the door. It worked every time for me and I had RA's knocking a lot of times but never got caught.

    My friend was caught in the act of smoking numerous times in the residences at WWU and they never kicked him out. They do make you take a class but thats at WWU. Basically I know kids that sold bud and got caught, and a bunch of kids that smoked hella weed and got caught and I only know one person that was actually kicked out but the situation was mega fucked since this kid that ratted emailed the head of residence when ever he smelled weed so it wasn't the first time.
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    that's the exact mindset that got you caught in the first place. Of course you didn't get caught for bud, but the point is you GOT caught. you think your RA is stupid? He knew exactly what you were doing when you got caught burning incense. And if it is so "obvious," why didn't you realize that while you were smoking? I wish the best for you, but here's my advice to you: use your brain
  3. Damn man, that sucks. It happens to a couple dudes every year, it just so happened that the stroke of shitty luck landed on you this time.
    But remember that when hard times come, good times are right around the corner. Life is cyclical in that regard.
  4. Would've been way smarter to just take a 10-20 minute walk to go smoke somewhere. They can kick you out/expel you for sure. It's completely up to them. Hope for the best. Goodluck man

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  5. I like that little bait the cops put out there "if you give up the drugs we'll go easy on you" that you and your friend fell for hook, line, and sinker.
  6. You really never should have incriminated yourself by just handing over your stash...The officer had no idea if you had any in your room, and you being stoned isn't probably cause for them to search...Sounds like these cops tricked you into charges.
  7. U denied everything yet how would they know u had weed on u? U could jus keep sayin u don have any n u wouldn't hve to cough up any and that's being nice by letting 1 of u take the fall? Lol that's some stupid shit Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. i actually just went through this tbh
    I didn't have a roommate but there was a person down the hall from me who would always come into my room to smoke with me, i ended up getting caught and they drug tested me and of course i was positive so they were debating expelling me but they didn't, they were just going to keep drug testing me, the guy i smoked with came into my room one morning and then we left for school but we forgot to spray my room with some of our deodorant and the dorm parents smelt it and automatically thought it was me so they just expelled me on the spot

    i am now smoking it all up in my house and taking online courses hahaha (which i honestly find better)
  9. Lets refer back to my thread 3 years ago shall we? 
    They raided my room, in a "health and safety" inspection and found 7Gs and a vaporizer....I got called in to the judical review with the Dean of Housing and she went crazy on me, got kicked out of my housing for a semester, $50 fine and drug classes with school probation. The getting kicked out really sucked because I had no where to stay at the time...but I managed and moved back in the next semester.
    I just recently got suspended again for 6 months for Drug violations on campus, with only a BONG being found and a room full of 20 people during a campus party I was here I am out of school again. 
    Criminal record is clean though, so I am good. I would have told the police nothing, reguardless if they knew you were high, they are just campus PD and can't search any real belongings of you'res, only the schools property. No matter how much smell, or how stoned you didn't matter. But either way, it can either go really really shitty for you or you can come out safely with a slap on the wrists.
    I went in my first time thinking positive....ended up getting kicked out of my housing for a few months, not a fun thing! So just consider all options.
    And remember one more important thing... ALWAYS APPEAL!
  10. I just had the meeting and keep in mind this was with the school not the police. The hearing officer read me the police report. The officer had altered the report so it said only my roommate responsible for the stash and that we were very cooperative. The hearing officer talked with me about what happened and about my background. I ended up only getting 6 month conduct probation and a 3 hour online class. Thank you for everyone that send me some good feedback

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