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Got caught in the Dorm.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeGetHigh, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. I am a 18 year old freshman going to Central Washington University. So a month ago me and my roommate were smoking in our room. From the beggining of the school year until then we had been smoking in our room. First we used incense to cover up the smell but our RA caught us and we got written up for burning incense in our dorm room. After that we would take snaps and blow them out the window with the fan on. We did that for about a month until they caught us. It was a few days after winterbeak at 11 30p.m. And someone knocked and they covered the eyehole and it was the cops. We opened it and they knew we were baked. We were super cooperative and they recognized that. We did lie and tell them we had just smoked and came back to the room but they bought it. THey said since you guys have been so honest we are going to do a few things so you guys can avoid court (we are both 18) but one of us is going to have to cough up some weed. So i gave him my stash which was just about an 1/8th. Then he said also since you guys have been so compliant, I am going to let one of you guys take the fall, and you guys can decide that among st yourself. My roommate took it.
    Now it is a month later and we BOTH have meeting with the school's resident life office. My question is, how severe can this get? Can I get expelled or kicked out of the dorm? 

  2. Should have made better decisions..they can kick you out for sure.
  3. The cops said at the meeting at best, we will get a class. But how should i approach the meeting? Should I go for being innocent in the case of smoking in the room?
  4. Really? You get caught up a few times which were clear signs that maybe you shouldn't be consuming in your dorm room, yet you continue to do so? Even if you didn't specifically get caught for cannabis, those instances should have made you consider your actions. I understand what it's like to be in college, young and stupid, but I hope you're not surprised by whatever the outcome is. Even though it's now legal here in WA, that's for 21+ and not on a college campus. You'd have probably gotten in less trouble consuming in public (at least in Western Washington. Not sure about where you're located) had it not been too busy where you consumed. Get yourself a vape pen, make some cannabis e-juice and you'll likely not have any issues since not many people in public will care as long as you're being somewhat discreet, responsible and respecting people's personal space....(not being a dipshit).
    In regard to your punishment; Expect the worst and hope for the best. If they give you another opportunity, don't fuck it up.
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    Be honest. Tell them "lesson learned" and you will not disappoint them and throw away this opportunity to better yourself as an individual and finish your college education. Say you had a lapse in judgement and you regret it. Show sincerity. Feed them that and you should get another chance, but no guarantees. If you get another chance, don't consume on campus and be discreet.
    Edit: You can't be sure what the officer put down. May have still stated that you appeared under the influence. If he did and you come in there trying to BS them, they may not be so willing to give you another shot. Personally, I'd just show some emotion, let them know I regret it and want to continue school and that this will not happen again....then just consume elsewhere. Somewhere people probably won't give a shit that you're smoking some bud (if they even noticed).
  6. head in there smoking a cigar while wearing ray ban aviators. kick your feet up on the desk and tell them your father will deal with the situation.
  7. Should've toked outside man, I'm sure there's a park or somewhere isolated nearby.
  8. @[member="Pie Romania"] Okay, thank you. Also the officers said they treat it like alcohol since it is now legal under 21. Also though we never got caught for weed but for burning incense in our dorm. But thank you alot
  9. you guys cover up the smell of burning weed by burning incense? thats like covering up a murder scene by spraying ketchup everywhere
  10. Dad's gonna be pissed!!!
  11. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to learn how to smoke pot in a place you're not suppose to. Expect the worst and hope for the best.
    Yeah, I got that. Coming close like that though should have opened your eyes. It's ok though, we all make mistakes (a key point I'd make without pointing fingers at this meeting or whatever). I also edited one of my posts.
  13. Telling me it was stupid isn't exactly why i posed this.
  14. There were 2 officers at the door, and the one that didn't do alot of the talking did say to me "Yeah your eyes are all kinds of sorts" so they did notice. But I mean I am planning on being sincere about smoking during the meeting. After that incident I wanted to see if I could go without smoking for a bit so I have been going on and off for longer time periods. 
  15. you guys were literally caught and written up 2 times before the cop incident happened, what do you expect people to think of you and your friend? Barely a semester into college and you already have 3 strikes. You really need to take a deep look at your life
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    Yeah, I can't say definitively one way or the other what will happen; I can only offer my opinion and suggestion on how I would approach it. College is obviously a very important thing that you don't want to throw away and to have it taken over some cannabis is ridiculous IMO. I'd act a little. Show remorse, adamantly say that I had a lapse in judgement and that it will not happen again and that I wouldn't let them down if given another opportunity. Then, I'd just find a safer way to consume, whether it's off campus where no one really goes, using a different consumption method like an E-Cig or something similar, looking into edibles or sodas, etc. There are ways around it, but for now, let's just hope that you're able to continue your education. Good luck.
    Edit: If need be, stop consuming all together. I had to quit for the career I was working towards when I went to college. Was pretty easy for me, but it may be very different for you. Either way, you can always go back to cannabis. Focus on your education and come back to cannabis later if it's what you need to do.
  17. We were never caught for bud, and I was never written up. Also the point of this thread is for advice. Not for people to point the obvious. So take your negative opinions elsewhere. 
  18. @[member="Pie Romania"] Thank you for everything this has helped alot and I am feeling better about this. 
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    Again, "expect the worst and hope for the best". If you think you're screwed, you won't be as crushed if you are. It might also help you "sell your case" to the people at this "meeting" so that you can have another chance. If it's given to you, don't screw up again. I've made my share of mistakes. If you can learn your lesson and still continue your education, I'd say that this situation is a blessing.

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