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Got caught having sex on the beach in Mexico...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Rasta Buds, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. So for Spring break, I went down to Mexico with a few people. We stayed at a resort in Playa Del Carmen for a week. It was fucking dope. All we did was get wasted, go to the beach, and go to the pool. If you haven't been, fucking go!! P.S.- Shit's all inclusive, open bar...as much alcohol as you can handle.

    This story begins with the third night of our week long stay. We were hammered as fuck, just sorta walking around and hitting up whatever bar we came across at the resort. We ended up going to the bar at this dance club they have on the resort, right near the beach. Hit up the bar inside for some drinks and danced with some girls. I ended up dancing with one of the blond chicks up at the bar, got our grind on for a bit, and decided to head somewhere else to hook up...

    In our drunken stupor, we decided it would be fucking awesome to go down to the beach. At night, there wasn't really anybody out on the beach, as all of the chairs and umbrellas they had out during the day were pushed back up towards the resort, away from the water, so we headed to the rows and rows of chairs. Picked one that seemed pretty fairly hidden from view, and got into it. Fortunately, I had a condom, so we started fucking on the chair. Not even thirty seconds into it, I suddenly heard loud, angry Spanish words being yelled at us from our left. I turned my head and saw a guy like this, but with a resort security shirt and with a gun but not aiming it at us, sprinting at us, yelling at us/into his radio..not sure which.

    I have to admit, I feel bad about it now, but I literally THREW this girl off of me onto the chair next to me. Like... no hesitation, I tossed her like it was my fucking job. Stood up, completely naked, and put my hands in the air. I thought the guy was going to shoot us.

    Anyways, he didn't know English and me and this chick were trashed so we had even more trouble communicating with him. She got her dress back on, and I had just gotten my pants and shoes on when his policia amigos came to get us in a golf cart. They yelled at us, pointing at the cart, signaling to get in. They wouldn't let me get my shirt. They didn't handcuff us or anything, but they drove us up to the main lobby through the center of the resort, through crowds of people. We passed one of my friends, and his mouth dropped when he saw me. I waved, and the security guard seated in front of us turned around and slapped my hand down.

    We got to the main lobby, and all they did was cut off our resort wristbands, take us outside, and force us into a taxi. We didn't talk at all the whole trip. The taxi took us to the main town and the guy made us get out. Fortunately, didn't have to pay the guy, but I was scared shitless. I called my friend that I had passed in the cart on my phone, and we hatched a plan to get me a new wristband. He pulled his off, went to the main lobby and said he had lost his, and bought a new one. He came into town and gave me a shirt to wear because mine was on the beach, gave me the wristband, and we took a taxi back to the resort. I'm sure the guards recognized me, but probably just didn't give a fuck, because the rest of my trip went uninterrupted by them.

    Didn't know where the girl went when we were in town, but I saw her at the bar again like two days later. Honestly, I don't think she recognized me :confused: but she had a sick bruise on her leg, probably from where I threw her. Oh well, she doesn't remember anyways :eek:

    TL;DR : Had sex with random chick on beach, got kicked out of resort, came back twenty minutes later.

    Peace out GC! Seriously, if you've never been...go to Mexico.
  2. And possibly get murdered by the mexican cartels right after getting sick from their filthy water? No thank you.
  3. shoulda brought a blanket

    i prob wouldnt have stopped fuckin if i was drunk

    he got a mac 10 wtf
  4. You sir are a god
  5. I flew into Cozumel and took a ferry to Playa Del Carmen... I was worried about cartel too, and it honestly isn't sketchy at all. I drank the water too, never got sick, but they have bottled water too.
  6. oh shit lol Mexicans dont fuck around when it comes to sex on the beach..

    lol @ you throwing the girl off you
  7. 20 bucks and I bet he would have been on his way..
  8. Fucking excellent. You, sir, are a true bro hero.

  9. ur dumb.
  10. I got arrested for having sex in the woods...
    not nearly as cool though. i was shitfaced and tried to climb a tree :p
  11. I don't get why they even gave a fuck that you guys were having sex on the beach. I mean it's a resort for god sakes you are paying to have a good time and you guys weren't bothering anyone.
  12. Was this at Xcarat in Playa Del Carmen?

  13. Dang brotha it's all good:bongin:
  14. I was in playa del carmen as well a few weeks ago. What resort did you stay at?
  15. ^^^ Get murdered by the cartels when you act like a fucking idiot and walk down a dark alley way by yourself, or go on the outskirts of town. Don't be stupid. And if you're that worried about the purified water that resorts offer it's guests then bring your own damn water or buy it bottled, geez.
  16. The peopel comparing a mexican resort to the bad things you hear about mexico on the news have clearly not been to a mexican resort.
  17. exactly, there's ARMED GUARDS with FUCKING AUTOMATIC RIFLES outside all NICe resorts not some shithole mexican 6 room motel (not being racist).

    I hate dumb people.

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