Got Caught Dont Want Criminal Record. What Do?

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  1. Hey blades on the weekend just gone I was at a mates party drinking, smoking and having a good time when all of a sudden two cops just walk in to under his house while I was mid bong rip.

    long story short I was charged with possession of like .2grams and a bong that I hope the judge doesn't get to see (it's big and resin stained) and I was just wondering what you think will happen or what I can do to ease the charge? I've been caught before and was sent to a drugs are bad course so because this is the second time I have to appear at court where I can possibly get a criminal sentence.

    Should I get a lawyer? What do you think will happen? I've never been to court before and really don't know what to expect so learning anything that could help me would be very much appreciated.

  2. Flee to Mexico and join cartels

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  3. I should also add I am living in Australia.
  4. A lawyer like....100% of the time will reduce your punishment than if you dont.
    Just saying.
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  7. Im 19. Should I get my own lawyer or just get the one the court assigns to me for free? I guess the free one won't really give a fuck about me where as the one I'm paying will?
  8. If you have the money for a lawyer it would be a good investment to hire one. I dont know how the laws are there but you have been busted before so I would think they wont be so easy on you this time, hence hiring a lawyer.
  9. You didn't list what state you lived in. You need to retain a lawyer, preferably a paid one, and a one that specializes in drug related cases.. A public defendant won't help very much in a drug related case, you need to get a paid one so that you can have reassurance that he is looking into your case. You will pay a initial retainer fee of about $200-300, which will assure your legal representation is taken care of. Then you will also have to pay a additional fee of about $500-1,500(Depending on state), which will basically be a payment for him to look into the facts of the case. He will speak for you at court, and represent you, depending on the state...I would say you can get it taken off the record or expunged through a non violent offenders program.
    Getting a good lawyer is crucial if you want to beat the case.   :smoke:
  10. As you're in Australia It may be different to the UK/USA but, I'm sure if you lawyer/solicitor up, with someone who has achieved good results in the drug(Mainly cannabis) field, while also deny that the bong was yours, just admit use, but deny having / owning the bong, as it may be used against you as you being "More use than the average smoker". 
    However, it's cannabis if you have to  try and defend your use on that night, state you didn't want to get blind drunk and fuck around like a useless yob and you had no intention of doing anything harder or more illicit, hence you believe you was easier prey to the police.  (Or some bullshit that makes you sound innocent) bare in mind this is only what i would try and do to get let off with an easier punishment. 
  11. Introduce your judge to Mr. Benjamin

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  12. So the cops just walked into your friends house without his permission? I'm confused.  :smoking:  :confused:
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    Thanks for the help guys. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to afford a lawyer. I was only caught with .2g if even that but I did admit to the bong being mine and they recorded me saying it.(oops)
    Hopefully I can get off easy with a free lawyer that they assign to me.

    Under the house is pretty open they came for a noise complaint and were just looking for the house owners when they walked in to me smoking up. No permission was really needed as they had a reason to enter
  14. If you live in NSW, (in where i live). I'm sure you don't have to go to court if you get caught with less than 15 grams. I got caught with weed and the cop took my weed and he said go home, thats it. I don't know about other states, but im sure you don't live in NSW
  15. My court date is in 10 days. I hope the judge sees it as barely an offence as I had not even half a gram. Will have to wait and see..
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    Well guys its all done and dusted. I got a fine and that is all no criminal record :D the judge kept telling me cannabis is a poison that builds up in your brain and slowly makes you dumber? Does anyone have anything to say about this haha?
  17. I'm so fuckin poisoned then.........

  18. And congrats on the sentence.. just a fine... not bad.... glad man!

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    Yeah I told my friend what the judge said and she agreed with him! :confused: but yeah I'm glad it was only a fine! On my way home to smoke a bowl as I type this :)

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