got caught by the pigs tonight

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by detsl, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. Its 1:10 am and i just got home from the police station.

    I was parked with a friend in an office building parking lot, and the cops came up and started questioning us. They soon found out we had an 1/8th and a pipe. We both got handcuffed and put in the back of their cars. I ended up with a Citation for disorderly conduct, but the worst part is i lost my new pipe.
  2. oh i forgot to ask does anyone know how high of a fine im going to be facing? The cops said its not a set amount and the judge determines it, im just wondering a range.
  3. im not sure but if you have something prepared to say and you are dressed nice the judge will probably lower it. im talking like, a tie and shit. most judges will do that. my bro ended up paying like 50 bucks cuz he had somthing ready to say (something like, i was just trying it to be cool and im sorry and i knew it was wrong blah blah blah) but he mainly just had to pay court costs so i dont know.

    good luck.

  4. im going to plead guilty so there wont be a court date.
  5. The fine will be a thousand dollars exact, and you will be ordered to go to therapy at least once a week for three months, and you need to show the documents prooving that you showed up and did well.

    LOL JOKING.....I dont know what you have to pay or what they'll do to you...My little bro only had a pipe which had residue in it, had to go to court, and was ordered to the therapy thing, they said he needs proof he went to every meeting and that he did well in it. This was in California as well, and they have very small penalties for marijuana, I dont know about where you live
  6. i live in Pa and i dont think ill have to do more than pay a fine
  7. my friend got his pipe taken away and it was a 100 dollar fine.. here in MN
  8. i think i might have to go to court. Im not sure im really confused now. My citation doesnt have an amount on it and the cop told me the judge would decide the amount.
  9. my brother got caught with a gram. he got like 3 respectable people (president of baseball league, minister at a church, and someone else) to write letters saying he's not a bad kid. he had to go to court like 2 or 3 times. i think all he got was a small fine, if anything. just show them you're not a bad kid, dress nice, and act respectable.
  10. I live in PA... my friend got caught with his bowl, and this was like 1 1/2 months ago. They said he would have to goto court, but then they never contacted him. He called them recently and they said he doesn't have to goto court and he would only get a citation. $100 I think.

  11. could you ask your friend if it was a disorderly conduct citation?
  12. fuk tha police
  13. had to pay $407
  14. ^^Damn, that's alot! Do you have to go to classes as well or was there any other punishment issued with the fine?
  15. My friend got caught with a cool ass peace pipe and a dime bag, and the cop just took it, no was funny tho cuz he wasnt even picked up for that, he was just at the wrong house looking for me and some old lady got freaked out when he knocked on her door, so she called the cops on him
  16. you actually had to pay 407 dollars for a pot ticket? i just got caught in a deal, adn i wasn't even buying, i was just in the wrong parking lot at the wrong time, and knew the wrong ppl. but they took my pipe that i got in san francisco (the hippie capitol of the world...)i didn't have any bud on me but it was a resinated pipe which is the same as possesion. does anyone know what the penalty for that is?

  17. Im sitting reading this in utter amazment, getting fined for having a fucking bowl, how can that happen?its not illegal to have a bowl is it?

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