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    so how about last night me and some of my white friends stop at a gas station on the way home 2 get some wraps and blacks. i'm outside about to spark up a black and i look straight out to the gas pumps and standing right there is one of my school's administrators, Mrs. Guggino... it just so happens wen i see her she is lookin directly at me. So i lower the black and basically dart off to the car...the worst part about it was that i was wearing my school basketball sweats. so i try an walk back to the front of the gas station and i feel her watching my every movement. and then i remember that she was just at the basketball game that i was at and she met my mother. so i'm probably screwed b/c although im 18 my moms'll still beat my ass. But anyways the girls i was wit walk out the gas station with the blunt wraps and blacks in their hand so i figured she saw those 2... i was caught in the wrong place at the wrong motha fuckin time...aint that a bitch. so basically im fuckd!
  2. your 18
    you werent doing anything illegal
    you werent at school

    you got fucked on that
  3. yea man... ma moms dnt know that i smoke and neither does my coach... so if that bitch decides 2 tell im screwed...not 2 mention ill probably get searched a shit load now. and i might not be able 2 run track cuz of this shit... so yea i would describe that as bein fucked
  4. hmm... last time i checked at 18 you are legally able to purchase tobacco products...

    it seems like youre just making something big out of something not so big man..

    chill man:smoke:
  5. In athletics you gotta be paranoid. Friend of mine who ran track got kicked off the team due to word that she smoked.
  6. your white friends? haha is that really necessary to add to the story? you should of lit it up in front of her man there isn't shit she can do. just deny it all.
  7. Just be like.. "DAT AINT NO BLUNT MOFUCKA!! THAT A BLACK MOFUCKA!!! GET YO SHIT STRAIGHT HOE".. then proceed to lift your pants and walk away gangsta status...

    Thats what i would do. Fuck teachers. Dude they knew i smoked. i came in red eyed and smelling like shit weed(high school days lol) like forreal dude.. chill out.

  8. Wow.....

    First off, I don't say I was hangin with my black friends.... Fix that shit if you're gona post here at the city mother fucker, we don't take kindly to fucks like you.

    Secondly, wooooow.....

    You were doing nothing wrong. You weren't on school grounds.

    Grow a pair.
  9. Yea I had to read your story like 4 times to understand what the hell the problem was.....there is none ...OHhhhhh

    off school grounds

    not a blunt

    oh but 1 thing, what the fuck are you doing smoking at a gas station foo! trying to kill everyone.
  10. i would like 2 think that being paranoid is in my best interest seeing how if the administrator decides to take action at school I could lose my scholarship for basketball... an then wat would i do?... I wouldnt be able 2 do SHIT!

    so i actually do have something 2 be worried about,... my future career and my fuckin LIFE! u guys jus dnt kknow wat i got goin 4 me so u dnt know SHit yo
  11. Yeah, I guess we don't :rolleyes:

    If you're actually 18, and the state you live in is 18+ to buy tobacco, I'm still not seeing the problem. If something comes up with your coach, be like "I just wanted to see why everybody likes it so much, it was gross, won't happen again."

    Sounds to me like you're scared shitless because you're not actually 18. But whatever man.

    Remove the shit about your "white" friends. They're no different than your "black" friends or your "asian" friends if they're actually friends. We don't need to know their skin color, and you don't need to announce it like we're all going to look down on you because you hang out with another race...Christ

    Pay a bit more attention in school, especially English when you have vocab/grammar tests, and you wouldn't have to worry about your future so much. How hard it it to type properly so people can actually read your shit without trouble?
  12. Bwhahahahaha! Should I count up all the times the school administrator came around a cornour and I only just managed to hide the joint man? I always manage to get away with it. No big deal though. I think most people on GC could handle.

    Sorry if I sound stupid I'm a bit to stoned. Peace!
  13. Who the fuck cares? I woulda sparked the blunt infront of her..offered her a hit, just to be a smartass.
  14. Dude, theres nothing wrong with that at all. If your 18 you got nothing to worry about but to me it sounds like your worrying so just chill out dude, nothing wrong can happen.
  15. Dude chill. Your 18. If they bring it up be RESPECTFUL about it, and say you made a poor mistake and that peer pressure, and all that other bull shit they want to hear.

    Do everything they say, agree with everything they say, BE NICE.

    Trust me man, I was expelled for being a bitch to pretty much every school official... And coming to school high, but remember, you want them on YOUR SIDE. It makes everything so much easier.

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