Got caught by my neighbor smoking on the driveway

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  1. So I'm visiting my parents for the week, and they have a biking trail close to their house. After biking I come home and see that no one is home and my neighbors are usually at work during the day. So I sit down on the driveway and watch nature go by while lighting up a J. (I live in a foresty neighborhood) Well my neighbor has a Smart Car and I can never hear that thing coming. She pulls out, lowers her window, and gives me the most disappointing look I've seen in my life, and proceeds to drives off. Then she reverses and looks at me again. I'm like shit a double wammy. Hopefully she wont tell my rents, even though I'm 23 I know it would kill my mom and dad to find out I smoke again. (Super religious and super strict).....f*&k....
  2. Are you sure she knew it was a joint?
  3. forget about it man that dumb bitch dont have the balls to do anything bout it
  4. Not sure, her house is upstream from mine (wind wise) so I don't even know if she smelled it, but all in all she did give me a double take with that reverse... lol
  5. Hurry up and burn her house down.:p

    If she tells your parents what proof can she offer them? She saw you smoking something very similar looking to a cigarette. Next time just stay out of eyesight

  6. Lesson Learned lol
  7. She may have been rolling her window down to see what was up, as a neighborly gesture. Maybe she thought you were locked out. When she came by a second time, she was gonna ask to hit it, but got too nervous.
  8. Lol u leaned the hard way, smoke in the backyard or side of the house
  9. hmm if ur 23 why would she give a fuck and go tell ur parents.. hmmmm
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    Because some people in Florida are just completely backwards about weed... And she seems a bit snotty
  11. She drives a smart car...probably just mad you didn't offer her any. :rolleyes:

    Nah but seriously, i wouldn't trip, my neighbor caught me ripping my bong on the front porch one summer night and he just laughed it off.
  12. Buy some herbal smokes and if they ask show them to them. Say it's relaxing or something. Fuck that bitch though your a grown ass man.

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