got caught by a friend's neighbor.

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  1. we were out in my car, it was pretty late - around 2am or later. he comes out and asks us if we're smoking weed, he knows my friend is his neighbor. he shows me his badge and was like "it's just not cool, you guys are going to get in big, big trouble." so he asks my name, and my name is hard to spell, but he doesn't asks me to write it down or anything. he tells my friend to go inside her house and for me to go home. my friend texts me later saying he asked her to wake her mom up, but she said no to that. then, she said she heard her house phone ring and her mom talk to someone for a few minutes, and then she went back to sleep. this happened last night/this morning.

    the dude didn't ask for anything like an ID, he didn't take my plates but he did ask for my weed, and i gave it to him and watched him dump it out on the street. but then again, my friend is his neighbor and he can just get my information from her and her mom.

    tldr, do any of you think i'm okay?
  2. Was it a legit badge? You didn't have to give him your weed I bet. That's too bad for your friend though. Some people just aren't cool with weed at all.
  3. i couldn't tell you shit about the badge. except for that it was shiny.

    i feel like if he was really, truly trying to get us in trouble, he would have gotten us arrested and stuff. but instead he just told me to go drive home.
  4. i think you just got owned. w/e though, your friend has it worse.
  5. Shoulda had the windows rolled up and the doors locked, and ignored his ass, especially if he wasn't in uniform, but since that's not what happened he'll probably get your information and call your parents too, if anything your friends mom will probably end up talking to your parents.
  6. I would say that you're okay. I mean... he threw your weed/the evidence away right? cause if he did, you should be safe
  7. haha you shoulda been like [​IMG]
  8. everyone has gotten caught at some point i believe but you totally pussed out man!!! cmon!! jk but seriously if hes not in uniform i woulda rolled the window up on his ass and told him to mind his own fucking business, and if he wantrs your weed to call the cops and drive off.
  9. Another story about someone getting caught smoking in their car in front of their house? No way!!! you kids need to smarten up. And why would you think your getting into more trouble? he dumped your weed out and sent you on your way. Its over right then and there.
  10. haha he knew you were high and told you to DRIVE off. he must know it cant affect you significantly. but sucks you gave him the weed man. Thats why I got my windows tinted, at night no one can tell I'm even in there.
  11. fail

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  12. I would have told him NO your in trouble.

  13. Luckily I live in a fairly rural area. But I did get pulled over for speeding , and the cop lives about 1 mile away from me. still got the ticket though...
  14. Doesn't matter if he's on duty or off duty, in uniform or street clothes, once a cop always until you retire or hand in that badge. However he could have been a security officer like myself or the badge also could have been a cwp badge(stupid). He didn't however have the right to take your stash and if he is a cop he went about the search and seizure process the wrong way(4th amendment). Anyway the evidence is trashed so besides restrictions and repremand from your folks I think your ok, nothing legal-wise on you... by the way he's pickin up the nuggs after you left to toke. If you really wanted to be a dick find out if he's using that badge to appear to be a cop.... major felony
  15. I hate you
  16. From my understanding he asked you if you were smoking weed and you said yes? Why the hell did you not just deny it or say mind your own business and go on your way.
  17. Fuck that shit. If someone caught me smoking weed and told me to stop It'd laugh in their face. I have a Medicard so I can smoke when I want. If I saw someone try to dump my shit it'd kick their ass, and I'm a pretty peaceful guy.

    Dude, don't let that shit ever happen again.

    Fucking republicans...

    I would of fought back. Fuck that man. I'm so upset for you, I wish I was there, I would of handled that shit.
  18. ^^^ lol yes...

    ok so its her neighbor? wtf who cares then..,. showed you his badge? what is he a cop? even if he is he cant do shit to you unless hes ON DUTY. (or your doing something thats putting others in danger) you should have told him to fuck off and left.
  19. Are you by chance italain?

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