Got Caught, and Parents.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mrstoner, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Me and my mate were toking up a few bongs in his car port when his mum txted him saying where are you come home now and all this shit, kuzz she told us not to go out, we said we were going to meet up with some chicks at the local school, so we went inside and she was like what were you two doing, he said nothing, she said i know what you were doing, his eyes were so red, you couldnt see any white, i looked sober, she said i can smell the spliff on you,i was like huh? she said i know i used to smoke splifffs all the time, i was like badass she said haha yeah and smiled. then said im gonna call your mum and dad tomorrow and tell them, i said nahh its fine ill tell them myself, (of course im not going to) she was cool about it and all, but she wasnt to happy,
    should i tell my parents? kuzz then maybe they might let me smoke in my room, kuzz it chills me out from life, and aspergres and shit...... haha my teacher just said why is there so much typing going on, i just said oh just uhh nothing, she was what ever, yeah im ditching my school work to read GC. ;D and my school is GC :L:L thats so cool.... anyways. any advice?
  2. Yea, focus on your education, weed can wait.
  3. You should tell your teacher what happened and maybe shell let you smoke one
  4.'m not even going to start
  5. assburgers is some nasty shit man. (an extremely mild form of autism :confused:) So if smoking an L makes u more social and stuff then go for it. Just tell your parents that it makes you more social, happier and blah blah. I'm sure they would understand. Hey you may have found another use of medical mj:):eek:
  6. I stand strong about "Education First and weed can wait"
    Just be smart about it.
  7. I don't know about you but my school used to be able to see all the websites we went on and shit... Just sayin' surfin GC at school might not be the best idea.
  8. i got my own laptop, they cant see what i look up. its allgeee. :)
  9. Wtf??? I don't know what you are talking about at all except that you smoked in your friend's car and got caught somehow.

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