Got caught again....

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  1. Well today i rolled a j in the kitchen and was going to smoke it. So i put my JOB double wide papers in the oven and go outside to smoke the joint. I didnt have any pockets so thats why i put the papers in the oven. Well when i come back inside my moms is in the kitchen and is like whats this. i told her its was mine right up front.and then she asked me where the weed was. and i lied about 5 times and told her we didnt have any. Then i broke in when she said she wouldnt tell my dad. I didnt even really get in trouble. My moms bein mitchy about it thoe. She was like what if you got caught. and all that bs. And i dont even ssee why its such a big deal to her. She was like have you been doin this in my house and i havent so i said no. Then she was like it leads to other things. and all this. But for the rest of the night in my room me an my friend smoked the rest of a blunt and a j. Also before we smoke it smelt like burning marijuana in the upstairs so we think my mom was smoking a j.
  2. Hahahahahah give your mom the same speech she gave to you. Be like mom, do you know you can get in trouble for this? What if you got caught?! Tell her you smelt it last-night and see what she says.

    If you could get her to admit to it, she would have to be more cool with you doing it. Even though it seems like she's already pretty okay with it.

    It sounds like she doesn't really care but she lectured you to be a "good mom".
  3. yea dude. she had a talk with me about it in the car the other day and seemed like she was semi cool bout it. Just as long as she doest see it or smells it. So im pretty much good still

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