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Got caught again... Lucky though

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jakes Mo Moneya, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Alright ive been caught before and im pretty i have a thread about it.

    this time i was driving down the highway and a state trooper puller me over. i had a permit ID instead of my real lisence(idk why) he told me to get out and put my hand on the hood of his truck. he told my 2 friends to get out also. in the car he found about 9 grams, a bowl, and 2 one hitters. i was driving my freinds car to make things worse. after a while another cop showed up and the started doing there scaring routine. i was playing along with them and winking at my friends, they started to crack up.
    the cop only wrote me down for speeding ( 77 mph on a 55)
    and also he wrote me a UPM (Unlawfull Possesion of Marijuana)

    I have to appear in court. My freind is only 17 and he has to appear in court also

    Does he need to bring his parents with him.

    and also what going to happen in court, do i just get a fine if i plea guilty

    I toked a nice fatty about 20 min later:devious::smoking::bongin:
    I hit a Hurricane bong also, my friend bought a gold version Hurricane with a second purifier. it hit unbelieveable. im baled outta my mind. i keep on forgettin that i got caught
  2. Why would you let him search your car??
  3. I've had run ins with the 5 0 before, but the cops here are chill as shit. They found 6 grams and just took it on me and sent me on my way, no charges or anything. One of my friends thought he was going to pass out and started freaking out, so the cop took him over to a snow bank, sat him down, and told him to calm down, and that no one was in any sort of trouble. She made us leave the car though, so she wouldn't have to charge us with a DUI (we were parked when they rolled up on us). We just waited 10 min, went back and got the car, and went straight to my dealers house :D

    Don't stress it man, just try to be straight for your court date, heh.
  4. ^ shit youre a lucky fuck
  5. did they take ur weed?
  6. Er, you got to keep your permit once you got your license? I know here in Oregon you're supposed to surrender your permit once you get a real license, but I guess if you just say you lost it, it doesn't really matter.

    I have to agree, why let him search your car? When you know you have stuff on you is the time you should stand up most adamently about not letting him search you. But I guess it doesn't matter now, what happens, happens.
  7. cops do that here all the time... one time i remember my friends dad coming home really pissed after a game of golf, when my friend who works and smokes with him on a regular basis asked him y he was so pissed he said that a cop pulled him over and took a $300 bag! i would have been pissed to but instead i laughed my ass off.

    im sure glad it wasnt mine!
  8. They took about 9 grams, i rolled a gotti ( emptied out a Dutch Master and filled it with weed)

    im still really pissed about that because im at a loss of alot of money now
  9. WHy did they search your car? Did your car smell like weed? If it didn't Id try to contend that it was an illegal search, Assuming no one said they could.

    Without a lawyer though I doubt youll get far cause theyll take a cops word over yours, which obviously isn't good with cops the assholes most of them are.

    As far as the other kids parents coming Im not really sure I know they would have to sign the ticket though.

    It maybe worth paying a lawyer a flat fee for the speeding ticket (anywhere from 100-400 bucks) and see if he can get the other charges dropped too.

    In Newyork I got two speeding tickets ( 87 in a 55 dropped to 70 in a 55 cause I wrote a letter with the guilty plea, the other was a 71 in a 55 which could have been 87 aswell but after being harassed by the cops and border patrol with a drug dog and me making it clear that I had nothing to hide but refused a search based on rights giving to me, the trooper lowered the ticket. I wrote a letter aswell but it didn't help more cause its some redneck town in the middle of no where. )

    Anyways I have 8 points and just found out in addition to the fees for the tickets, and points on my liscences that I am now going to get charged a $150 'surcharge' once a year for three years which is the biggest bullshit ever. My point is that between the fines, the effect on insurance rates and other DMV bullshit it maybe worth just fighting it with a lawyer.

    I can't even explain how much I hate police, and the government in general, all there scams, there political bullshit, oppressive laws and things like government seizures are complete and utter bullshit, I was watching cops and people that were buying nickel bags from a under cover cop, they'd go to drive off and have two cars pin them in (ran right into bumpers) and they seized there cars, over a nickel bag of fake weed. It some areas of florida police cheifs were all driving mercedes and lexus' and what not because they took them from people for reasons as little as a 'suspuscion of illegal activity'

    I got way off topic but I hate the government and their bullshit.
  10. He was driving without a license, it's not hard at all to realise why they did search his car.
  11. and this is why i never put this shit in my car.... duh
  12. hopefully court goes well.

    at least you didn't go to jail.

    i stopped routing for the most part, it's just to risky and i usually have to much bud to risk getting pulled over for suspected toking.
  13. i didnt want to start another thread, but my friend needs to know if he should tell his parents because hes only 17. can he go alone?

    thankfully my parents will never find out *Knock on Wood*
  14. AND it wasn't even his car.....
  15. because they wanted to smoke it! ;)
  16. I fucking HATE cops, I've never been caught with weed though. But when I was younger cops caught me with a fifth of vodka and I had to go to court with my mom while we hid the whole situation from my dad. I also had to pay a 90 dollar fine.
  17. the rule in canada and the states are way differnt and its easyer to pull of here
  18. back when i was 16 i got a smoking ticket. i went to court by myself and the judge gave me anther court date and told me to bring my parents next time; then i went there myself again, got a diff judge, and he didnt even notice i was by myself, but yes if your under 18 and not emancipated you have to bring a parent or legal gaurdian, i think if your friend brought a brother or sister or mabe even a friend that looked like a brother or sister that was over 18 he could pull it off by telling the judge that his parents are working and cant afford to miss a day to go to court or somthing like that
  19. whyd you let him search the car?!?!?! :confused::confused:
  20. did i have any other choice. i mean he told me to get out and when he came over to my friends side of the car he just searched without asking

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