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got canned...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. yeah... so i'm in work today and they're like "Cottons, please report to TSC" so i'm all like "oh boy... here it comes"

    i get to TSC and i see my exec in 1 office, and the personnel lady in the other. she's like "we'll be with you in a minute" so by now i'm like "yup... definately getting canned"

    later the exec tells me to have a seat in the personnel lady's office, and that they're waiting for the other exec to get there. so i'm waiting in the office and see a paper with my name on it, which just confirmed it.

    the other exec gets there and i no longer have a job. lol

    oh well. i didn't like it there anyway. now i can just go somewhere else where the managers aren't all assholes...
  2. Uh...I'm sorry and YAY!!

    I don't know what to say. This seems to be a good thing and a bad thing. :) It sucks that they canned you before you could quit but a person should be happy where they work so now you have the opportunity to go get happy. I really think you should get high right now, though. I'll get high, also. I bet everyone else will get high honor of you being canned!!! :D

    We know what we have to do for Cottons, people!!!
  3. lol. smoked the last of my weed yesterday in a green dutchy stuffie with a friend of mine... sorry, no more gang to blaze today :(
  4. No worries Cottons. :D You'll find an even better job now.
  5. two ways to get canned...take it like a man ( seems like you did ) or beg......bad bad idea
    your right next job make sure your managers arent assholes.....soooooo
    * heres to your next job.....
  6. Damn it, Cottons!!! GRRRR!

    I guess I'll just have to get high for you. I'm pretty good at sending stonie prepared. They'll be on their way soon! :p
  7. hey... i ended up blazing.... so yeaaahhh. we're all wrecked together....

    ::sends stoned vibes to all the blades::
  8. The best shit to do when you are getting fired is say "I quit" or "fuck you, I quit"

    Good luck on getting a better job bro!
  9. Now you can get that job thats really good!!!!!
  10. good luck finding another job cottons...ill keep my fingers crossed 4 you...

  11. Lol, that's one of my favorite scenes from that movie. Priceless. :D

  12. been there, done that... can't go back :)

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