Got called out.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by coolguy, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. HIM: "Hey and don't take that lighter either."
    ME: "Why would I take yours? I've got my own"

    HIM: "Hey where's my lighter?"

    I check my pocket. Shit it's in there! A bit uncomfortable but once I return it this thing will be over with, right? WRONG.

    When I pulled out HIS lighter, I also pulled out 2 of my lighters.

    So then a different guy says, "Hey! That's my lighter right there."

    ME: "Naw, I really think these lighters are mine."

    OTHER GUY: "Actually I do 3 things to my lighters so I know that one is mine" "This, this and this".

    So shit. I accidently took 2 lighters and both owners got me at the same time.. leaving me looking like quite the ass.

    Lame story, huh?
  2. Yes. but I got the "double whammy" or something..

  3. ha, like that old game show... no whammy no whaymmy...
  4. haha at least you aint got my reputaion.

    i borrow lighters and they work fine, the moment i give them back to there owners there broke. its hapned like 4 ties now. its REALLY annoying and weird
  5. Yeah, lighters have a way of mysteriously finding their way
    into the pockets of stoners everywhere. No big deal if it's a
    bic, but a major faux pas if it's a really expensive one.
    That's why in my circle only bics get passed.
  6. i was laughin when i found out i snatched 3 lighters in one day, but then i was goin thru this bag i had and i found out i took 4 lol, extreme my bad, but hey whut u gonna do
  7. I think you've been had!!! lol
  8. ive pocketed so many lighters its not even funny they just seem to find there way into my pocket lol
  9. the fire is attracted to you

    no shames as long as u given em back
  10. i know people that tape and glue plastic silverware to lighters so no one wants to pocket them..hehehe
  11. Damn, a 9 year bump. lol
  12. Goddamn this thread is older than time itself
  13. Why was it necessary to bump a nine year old thread with a comment like this...
  14. How do people even casually come across 9 year old threads about pocketing lighters anyways? That's what I don't get about resurrected threads.
  15. Lol something like that happened last night. I was chillin with my friend in his room and we both had dark blue Bics. Apparently when we were done smoking, I pocketed mine but didn't even realize. At the time I didnt know we had identical lighters. So later that night, I'm getting ready to leave and see a dark blue lighter on his desk. Grabbed it thinking it was mine and hear it clink my actual lighter. Pulled it out and was like "oops, my bad, pretty sure this is yours." we laughed haha
  16. no one really owns a bic, they circulate like currency.
  17. lol i do it all the time, not on purpose of course...

    seems sometimes i'll have like 7 bics, and then a day later, can't find one at all...
  18. I don't mean to sound like a dick... But it's as easy as handing the lighter back immediately after you take a hit.
  19. My roommate used to steal my lighters. I had like 50 when I moved in with him, now I have like 2

    Omega369 :wave:

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