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got busted

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ganjathurapist, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. got busted by my mom..shit
    so i go to school blazed i go home and my mom already suspected that i was smoking so she busts me and shes like you think im just gonna let you do this wat kinda mother would i be if i did.i was gonna say a great mother but i didnt and its hard to smoke with my mom cause she knows wat it smells like and shit.
    one time i almost got busted cause someone took the paper towwel rolll
    DAMNit wat am i gonna do my mom grew up on all that reefer madness movie shit i think.
    any suggestions on wat i should do should i show her erowid?
    but i dont know cause i told her ive only smoked a few times and i dont want her to think i like it,
    any help is apprieciated
  2. trying to think what i'd do here.

    i'd proberly start off with saying all you hear is the bad sides of it, do some reserch say your side of the story too, but try not to get into a rgument, that' proberly make it worse, erm, dont do it enless you can convince her its ok, or ok just once every now and then, untill u can move out or something, its not really worth risking your perants over something as trivial as weed. (my arghument is valid i've been off now for 4 weeks and the stress from not smoking has subsided)
  3. if shes like that i dont think she will listen to reason or trying un-brainwash her

    just tell her that you smoke and there is nothing she can do about it, weither she likes it or not you will (and have to) make your own descions not her making them for you.

    tell her she cant stop you and that she might as well support you in your smoking rather than beat you down for it.

    and tell her that she thinks shes a good mother by not leting you smoke ..when a good mother should support you in your choices, and accept you for who you are and what you do

    ...if you were gay would she kick you out of the house and disown you? samething
  4. or you could just tell her you quit since you have only smoked a few times tell her you didnt like it its icky :D...and then just be more careful ..smoke when you know you wont have to be going straight home or something ..get some clear eyes & axe

    90% of the time thers probably no point in putting up a fight cause she probably wont back down.

    good luck
  5. i showed my mom some stuff from erowid (marijuana myths) and it seemed to help. she hasn't said anything since then. but even if she realizes it's not that bad healthwise, it is illegal and parents don't wanna have to worry about you getting busted. i guess it wouldn't hurt to show her the erowid stuff, but i'm not saying it'll change her mind.

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