got busted

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gr0wer, May 27, 2003.

  1. my dad found my box in my basment today. I still have 3 plants in my stealth grow box in my room though. Heres what i lost,

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  2. damn.. that blows.. no indoor grow for me until I get a new place...
  3. thats just not fair - :(

    has the man no compassion.


  4. finaly got to sneak down and check out what he took/destroyed. luckily he left all my things of value like the hps,florors and fans. He just tossed my poor poor plants. i still plan to keep growing though :) this will just slow me down.
  5. good attitude towardfs this travesty =)... keep us posted on your little beauties.

    peace out and keep tokin
  6. I just went thorugh the garbage looking for salvagble plants or possible clones and no luck, knowing my dad he got rid of it for good. This is all thats left :( at least there is hope im juust at the begining again :(. 2 days olds in foreground and 1 day old in back.

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  7. im grounded for a week in my room :D so i just chill with my 3 babies, soon to be 4. my dad ordered me to clean my room and i found a seed :D! started to germ it the other day and it cracked today it will be ready for transplant tomorrow! i had a good talk wiht my mom and i said "i can make a lot of money growing" she said "indoor grown weed isnt as good as aoutdoor growig weed" i wanted to say "yea well i am going to have some outise also too" but resisted and tried to explain how indoor grown weed you can control the plant alot more esspecialy wth hydro and the bud is alot better. she then realized how much i know about cultivation :).
  8. Your dad busting your grow could be a good thing. He probably thinks he has put you out of business and will leave it at that. Even grows that do not get to finish will add to your experience, this will pay off when you finally are in a position to grow unhindered by narrow minded intolerance. I have two teenage daughters, and would be happy to catch them growing weed - as long as they chipped in for the electricity.

    lots of luck
  9. im going to keep on growing but i decided im just keeping a mother in my basmet and planting my crop in my local woods. I can plant more crop get more yeild and not have to worry much about going on trips ect. i will do one indoor grow however to get my money back earlier rather then waiting till october.
  10. if my parents found my grow they would probably call the cops and send me to jail. i wish they would see the good side of this beautiful plants instead of the bullshit the damn governmant feeds into them. i know that my mom was always around drug users when she was younger, and i think my dad probably was too. I wish i could admit to them that i use the ganj, but i'm afraid of what they would do. better yet i wish they would let me grow, thatway i could have a bigger growbox:D. It would releive so much stress from my shoulders.

    anyways, good luck with those babies.:)
  11. "i know that my mom was always around drug users when she was younger, and i think my dad probably was too" my mom tells me about how much fun she had in amsterdam with her girlfriend when she was my age on spring break, she never told me but i can tell she smoked a few oz. durring the trip :p how else can you have fun riding your bike around amsterdam? My dad gave my bro his jeep and when we were installing his sterio we found a roach inside his dash, it fell throuig a crack in the glove compartment :p.
    But too bad there so up-tight about the law and crap otherwise i dont theink theyd care.

    Cant wait till i get my own crib in a few years. Im thinking areo tubes in a colleseum array for max yeild per square foot, ill be in heaven standing in the middle of that :D

    wow i just scrolled up and saw my pic my babys are soo much bigger then that there already 1/2 throught there 2nd node and on the biggest the 3rd node is poping out. have some pics tonight if i rember. Im going to be posting here all night cux im grounded and have nothing else to do, this sux soo bad my frend is having a party tonight :(.
  12. In my future setup I'm gonna have aerotubes w/ a ScrOG setup under ~2-4 1000w HPS. God I cant wait till i can afford a house:D
  13. A pic of my remaining plants front plants are 7 days old and the back plant is 4 days. There under 3 1100 lumen cf daylight blue bulbs and im giving them 1/4 strength 10-10-10. I find that CFs give off alot of heat, so i have a piece of plexyglass with holes in it for ventalation betweed the bulbs and the plants. My box keeps cooler because the air enters throught tbe bottom of the box, through the plaxyglass then the fan sucks the hot air from above the plaexyglass.

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  14. can u show a pic of ur box i, i need to build one and i was jw

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