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Got busted on 4/20, haven't smoked since. What can I do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 247773, May 24, 2010.

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  2. Get high. Disregard parents' opinion.
  3. just dont risk it bro. you know you're getting tested, and your already clean if you havent smoked since 4/20. just wait til you get tested and go from there.
  4. Well during the summer going into college i wouldnt give a fuck if my mom was going to test me. That is supposed to be like one of the best summers of your life so just toke up and forget about the drug test :smoking:
  5. If they already know, then I would be just like, save your money, you already know I did it.

    Also, I take it you live with your parents; if you do, suck it up until you get on your own feet. You have heard it a million times, they pay the bills. I you do live by yourself, then tell em it is non of their concern.
  6. What's your pops gonna do if he finds out you like the cheef the reef, beat ya with a pipe? I'd say fuck it and smoke it and if I got thrown out, it's only a couple months of couch hopping til college starts :smoking:
  7. Would your parents get cops involved? If not, fuck em', Toke away.
  8. That's lame man. As long as you're 18 (adult) and you respect their house by not smoking in it, they shouldn't have shit to say to you about weed.

    Toke up and when your mom hands you a cup to take a drug test, go to the bathroom and shit in the cup.
  9. I know too many friends who have been in similar situations, there are so many variables its hard to tell you what would be best in your particular situation. If your parents are paying for your college I recomend you stay clean until your out of the house. If you're 18 and have a job and you're pretty much on your own except you sleep in their house, then I'd just say fuck it and smoke and then when you do fail just spit out tons facts that they cant deny, making it seem like a responsible decision you chose to make.
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  11. 7.25? Isnt minimum wage for even part time work around $8.50 ?
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  13. theres one option no one has mentioned. smoke, then cheat on the test. :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  14. Lol right. Depending on how bad you want to smoke, you could always buy some synthetic urine and just have it handy for whenever your mom wants to spring a test on you.
  15. Lmao in canada its $9 and something for part time, and $10 and something for full time
  16. Jesus Christ. Grow some balls. You're an adult now. Cut the fucking umbilical cord and get on with your life. REFUSE THE DRUG TEST. You're an adult. Unless it's court ordered, THEY CANNOT FORCE YOU TO TAKE IT. If it's about getting your funds cut off then apply for loans and grants. There are tons of them out there.
  17. tell your mom to fuck off your not taking any more piss tests
  18. Yeah minimum wage sucks in most states here. $7.25 USD is still only $7.70 CAD. Lame.
  19. Yeah, welcome to America.
  20. Your mom sounds very ignorant. Smoke weed & get someones clean piss too keep in a bottle. Doesn't sound like a very "serious" drug test. You'll be fine.

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