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  1. So i got busted a year ago for weed while at college, and had to pay 6000 for fines and shit.

    Working 80 hours a week last summer, paid it all off but 1500 and bought a new car.

    Stole ipods from wal mart while working there, 7,000 worth, and got caught by a tip off.

    Charged me with felonies, paid a hella good lawyer to get me off on the felonies, and now i owe 30,000.

    Any advice on jobs? I have two misdemeanors for theft, and two for weed on my record. I'm workin at subway for only 8 an hour, and need a better job.

    Where do you guys know of work for me? I need to pay this shit off and get back to school, but don't wanna join a union and be stuck there for five years. I'm gonna go into the military when i'm off paper.

    THanks guys.
  2. You're pretty fucked, especially if you don't want to take a union job.
    Most of my friends who have records and no college all work union jobs.

    Good for you though, not taking one. I hate unions.
  3. Um, unions don't make you stay for any amount of time big guy.

    Unions can help you a shitload man....

    If you're looking for a career, then sure, be picky, and don't go to a union job if you don't think theyre right.

    but in the situation you're in, get any job that is high paying..

    and also, I just want to go ahead and say this:
    thanks a bunch for fullfilling the dirtbag/theif/grimy/junkie/stoner stereotype. Getting caught for weed and then stealing ipods from walmart.

    All of us here at GC and all of us that are pushing for legalization/decriminalization are all very fortunate to have you to supply the other side with ammunition for their "weed is HORRIBLE" arguments.
  4. If weed was decriminalized he wouldnt of had to steal ipods to pay those fines...

  5. I completely agree. I feel like a piece of shit. I want to be involved in activism, but with my background at just the age of 20, how can anyone take me seriously? I've been a real scumbag, and it's causin me all sorts of psychological problems.

    I just wanted to smoke weed and relax, gain insight on life. Then I get busted hardcore, 12 hours after I buy more than a half o for the first time (i bought a qp for the summer, just for myself).

    I just wanted to pay off fines so I could get back to school and quit disapointing my parents and gf. That backfired...young dumb and full of cum I guess.
  6. Well I dunno what to tell ya man...that's pretty fucked up right there.

    Most important is you have realized you fucked up, don't do it again or you'll be gone for a looong time!

    You worked 80 hours/week so you know how to bust your balls, I guess you should continue doing that!?

    You could look for a job in the fishing industry, they make good money and don't ask questions.
  7. Are you an idiot or a douchebag?
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    I pulled some Aladdin shit in high school and stole a loaf of bread and tea. I had to pay a bunch of fines and do community....I never did it again.....maybe you should try that out

    take out a bunch of loans max out your credit cards that might help:smoke:
  9. ahahha seriously. Furthering the forum strolling DEA agents paranoia that stoners are bad people......I would hate for them to say that on the News!!!
  10. It all depends on how much ur family and friends are gonna be there 4 u. If u have people backing u up, u r more likely to take life seriously this time around.

  11. He has a point, I never would've stolen if I hadn't been fucked.

    Your post wasa waste of time.

    And my cc's ae maxed out already, 3k worth for school.
  12. Well, there's always the French foreign legion. You can get a whole new name and identity if you want. But you erase your past life.
  13. explain this foreign legion thing. I've wondered about the whole new identity thing but is it really possible nowadays?

  14. Here ya go:

  15. you HAD to steal the ipods? you couldnt earn an honest dollar? if you worked these 80 hours a week and made even minimum wage you would have walked out with a cool 2500 a month...

    working all summer long is what 3 months? okay so you made 7,500 dollars.... what the fuck was the point in stealing the ipods if you could make all the money you owed?! you could have paid all the debt off and spent 1500 on a car.... why did you need the extra 7k im confused
  16. I was living on my own and spent 3k on school first semester cuz my gf of the time wanted me in school. I wanted to wait til I was out of debt tho but she was pissed. I also paid 1,000 a month for basic living expenses,just cuz I made 7500 doesn'tmean I ate magic free food and stuff. My parents kicked me out of the house for being a "drug addict." Also, I spent a fucking grand on rehab, and wasn't going to be able to pay off all my fines, go to school, and still eat. I was only working 50 hours a week in thefall whie taking 7 credits, I never slept much.

    Plus, when I stole the ipods, I had beenin a severe depression for a couple months and didn't see how it could get worse...I was wrong.

    It's also helpful to note that when I was a minor I stole over 25000 fromwally. I was confident I would get away with it one last time. I did, actually...the cops searchedmy place when this guy at work learned I was driving without a license, and called the cops. Unknown to me, there was a pipe in my car that was a friends, and that led to them searchng my apartment.
  17. How can a pipe im your car lead to a search of your home? seriously?
  18. Because the car wasn't registered in my name yet, the papers were on the way. They accused meof steaing itbut I had a note from thelady I bought it from in my apartment. They went thereto askmy roommate if he could get it and he let them in.
  19. No excuses.

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