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Got busted, lost 700$ of glass

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by alienbob113, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. So yesterday while im at work my new room mate who had lived in my apartment for all of 5 days decides that after telling me multiple times he doesnt mind me smoking (even said this before he moved in when he had the option of living somewhere else) decides that it would be pretty rad if he goes through my shit and take pictures of my bong. My girlfriend was under the covers and they didnt notice her, came into my room with a closed door and started taking pictures of my bongs and saying how they should call the leasing people because it wasnt cool. Fast forward an hour and im at work getting phone calls from the cops saying they have a search warrant for my room and need me to leave work and meet them. When i got home the were standing outside with my girlfriend who had tried to put the glass in her car before cops showed up, but they snagged her as she was walking out and took the bongs from her. They hadn't yet gotten a warrant, but given that they had 2 dirty bongs of mine, and could either charge my girl who doesnt even smoke or i coulda let them in to the apt, so i did. They took my 2 syns tubes, a syn ashcatcher, a lw disc diffused bowl i had for 4 days, a handheld pipe ive had for 3 years or so, but were very happy to leave me my illadelph that i had cleaned the day before. Actually, surprisingly the dective that was looking at all the shit was trying to let me keep the ashcatcher that was obviously dirty and just take the bowl after i said it cost me 250$ and told the cops to leave it, but they forgot when collecting everything at the end, and there wasnt much i could do about it. The best part was they took a whopping 1 gram of dirt weed. Thats all i had. My douchebag room mate called the cops over 5$ of weed. So now i have a possession of marijuana charge and have to go to court on the 28th, and i have 30 days to find a new place to live now that im evicted. Why the fuck are people such assholes? The cops felt bad charging me...said that it was bullshit and to quote them said "dont fuck with your room mate, that kid is bad news". So yeah. Great 4/21. Heres the glass i lost:

    9mm beaker: GONE


    8 arm fixedstem: GONE


    Inline to 6 arm: GONE


    Bowl on the right, rainbow wigwag: GONE


    Well, at least when the cop opened my guitar case while looking for shit he didnt see the 8th of mushies sitting there...
  2. That sucks man. Sorry to hear.
  3. wow just wow who the fuck does that
  4. fuck man, thats awful news

  5. fortunately i had at least 10 people call me up yesterday ready to slash tires / break knees. I guess im just so used to being around people who respect others and would go to them directly before even considering calling the cops...i never would have expected something like this to happen to me, especially not in my own home.
  6. Man, that's fucked up. Sorry for your losses. Karma is real dude, your roommate will get what's coming to him weather you give it to him or not. Eventually somebody will.
  7. Thats really fucked up that your room mate would do that to you. oh well I'm a huge believer in karma, and that guy will get his soon enough.
  8. That is completely fucked. This shit is making me made just thinking about it. I really hope that that douche gets whats comin to him. Karma can be a bitch!
  9. Ha wow...:eek:
  10. I'd kick his ass hard and let him know that if he goes to the police again, he has more of that coming to him in due time. Either that, or have friends he is unaware of make his life fucking painful. Either way, I really hope you do not let this guy just get away with this. Sure it is justifiable to some idiots because marijuana is 'illegal', but people have fucked me around like this before, and I regret every single time I didn't do anything because the fuckers just keep ruining honest peoples lives, in this case just because he enjoys a harmless herb. Fucking prick
  11. wow I really feel for you dude. My first bong ever was broken in a million pieces by an angry roommate. I guess you learned the same lesson I did though. PICK ROOMIES CAREFULLY!
  12. fuuuuuck that foo up! seriously... haha, im a love and by no means a fighter, but ... i would have taken the knee breaking offer up.
  13. Beat him to a pulp. what a scumbag.
  14. looks like somebody needs to "run into" this guy with a bat.
  15. when the cops called saying they need you at the house you shoulda been like "my roomate called you guys and said that I am the one who smokes???NO its his shit not mine" lol prob wouldnt have worked anyways but ya break his fucking knees bro
  16. Blackjack that fool...

    drag his sorry ass outside...

    handcuff his hands and feet with plastic straps, gag his mouth...

    throw the goof in the trunk of your car and take a nice scenic drive out of town.

    DUMP his ass a couple of states away, in some obscure logging road.

    my 2 cents.
  17. Fuck that bitch-ass-fuck roommate of yours man. That's probly the worst deal I've ever even heard of, and I'm sorry you're on the bad end of it! I too have gotten my fair share of tickets and seizures of glass. It was the worst. Anyways, I feel for you man, and I'd break that fuck's nose for you if I could!:mad::confused::(:cool::):devious:
  18. uhm, just reading that I would have killed your roommate for you. not even joking. if I was you, I would at least beat his ass so bad he goes to the hospital.

    stay tokin bro. (until you get put on probation) that sucks. feel 4 ya.
  19. some fucking friend you got there! i wouldn't beat him up yet since you got court.

    but in all seriousness when its over....beat him up.
  20. This "roommate" of yours needs to have all the blood removed from his face, I wish I could do it for you bro! I hate fuckheads like that, don't let them get you down, do the shit, pay the fines and continue living your life, you can't let shit like this get to you or they win

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