Got Busted in a Sting.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mybudz420, May 25, 2010.

  1. Well today started off like any normal day, I was dry so i decided to pickup a sack but my normal dealer was dry so i start asking my friends. My girlfriend asked one of my old friends adrian if he could hit us up with an 1/8 and he said he could get us some spice for a decent price and we said sure go for it. My girl and i jumped in my truck and started cruising to his place, Got close and asked for directions into his neighborhood. I call what i thought was him and told him what vehicle i was cruising in and where i was. Sure enough i see a fucking cop car waiting by the street so i bail off to the right and before i know it i have two officers on my ass. I pulled over and they imediately got out and told me to stick my hands out the window and got me out of my truck. I was then searched, Cuffed and questioned about what was going on, I told him i thought spice was legal and that i was just going to see a good friend.
    Well i guess the cops were scouting his place and were trying to bust his dealer, I simply plaid it cool, Told the officer i did have a pipe in my truck (k9 unit) and was as strait as i could be about everything. He whipped the dog out, Searched my truck, Got the pipe and what he did next amazes me. He let me go without a citation for parafanalia.:D
    Anyways, I feel so stupid for falling into a sting that was so poorly setup to begin with, But im super suprised i got away without any reprecusions.

    So the lesson learned today was, Being honest with the cops does indeed payoff some times. Arnt i glad im not sitting in jail for parafanalia and intent to buy.

    So smoke on!:smoking:
  2. isnt spice legal? if thats all you said you were getting it would seem they had no reason to do anything.
  3. glad you got out without a citation or worse..that would suck to get caught in a sting op
  4. spice. is. legal.
  5. You shouldn't have let them search your shit. Fuck the po-leece.
  6. I'm sure the k9 would have probably sniffed out the pipe anyway when they brought it around the car.
  7. Sounds like they let you go cus K2 is kind of a grey area as far as legality.. I'm guessing they let you go without any kind of citation or anything because they didn't really have TRUE probable cause.
  8. Unless Mybudz420 lives in a select few cities in the US, or in Europe, spice is totally legal.
  9. so you made a phone call and got pulled over?

    how could a cop legally pull you over, detain you, and then search your car without serious cues from you?
  10. That's what I was trying to say.. For one thing that's not definite evidence that it was YOU on the phone, obviously they aren't dumb, but in a court of law evidence is more important than common sense.. I see no real probable cause, and considering the grey area of Spice products, the cops that pulled you over were more than likely trying to avoid a big legal mess with illegal search and seizure and having no probable cause and all that
  11. you didn't get busted, you busted yourself
  12. :eek::rolleyes: see post above;):D:D:wave:

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