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  1. soo yeah earlier tonight i was busy checking on my two plants in my stealth dresser cab and my mom walked in (FUCK!!!) but anyways she was cool as fuck even though that was the second i got caught growing pot she just took the two plants trew out the pots and and flushed em im kinda pissed but because of the way she acted i dont really care
  2. Don't grow if you live with your parents..
    I mean, come the fuck on.
  3. im not sure on how to respond to this without starting a flame war,
  4. You shouldn't grow in your parents house, it's just disrespectful. I can understand how you feel though, how long had they been growing?
  5. Should have at least made sure she was okay with you growing in her house.
  6. your fucking nutz growing in your parents house lol.

  7. Heres how to respond..."your right". The first responder is correct. You cant just grow in someones house w/o their permission and not expect them to act like that. Ecspecially if they didnt know about it. Its their house not yours
  8. While I want to grow I also live at home. Smoking at home and growing at home are two different things. Your parents are home owners and with pot growing in the house they will have fears of leans being put on the house and possibly losing their home and invested equity all over their kid wants to grow plants in his closet.

    Weed is still illegal. I will never argue that it is justified that it is illegal, but still consequences are there if you get caught and in this case your parents will be paying for it. (or at least that fear WILL be on their minds)

  9. ...come the fuck on?

  10. What were you gonna do when the plants were grown and you could smell em?

  11. You would lose that war :wave:

    Get your own damn place if ya wanna grow. Your mother could lose everything because of you growing in her house...and I mean everything.

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