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got busted by cops over the weekend

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dude im good, May 2, 2007.

  1. I think that you need to kick your friends' ass. If one of my friends got me arrested by doing some stupid shit like that I would beat them within an inch of their life.
  2. like thinking back on it i coulda made things easier for me in 3 ways,
    1. if he wasnt a retard and ran from the cops, he had never been arrested before i woulda taken the heat had they actaully searched
    2. i could of just told the cops i had stuff on me when they asked maybe i woulda gotten off easier
    3. when they asked who ran i said i hardly knew him he was from school his name is cory i dont know his last, i shoulda said i know his full name and i can take u to his house, that way they maybe wouldnt of been concerned with my car and woulda just tried to see what he was up too

    he told me he was sorry for runnin, i told him he shoulda stayed in the car hes like idk man we still prolly woulda gotten busted

    he told me today since i didnt snitch him out hes gonna give me his bag which is like an 1/8th or so but idk if its worth what could happen to me in the long run we'll see
  3. Wow, then you must be really dumb too since his friend running away was what got the OP screwed in the first place.
  4. Make your friend pay the fine, or something more than a measly 1/8th. I'd be sooooo pissed at him, I'd be on the verge of kicking his ass, and he'd have to do something pretty good to stop me.

    Anyways, That's actually the first time I've heard of them actually getting a drug dog for some small pull over. Maybe it was bad luck? Maybe the cop with the dog was in the area or something checking out another drug case.

    Anyways, you're friend fucked you, and you wouldn't have gotten caught if he hadn't of run. I personally wouldn't smoke with him anymore, just because he can't handle those kinda situations.
  5. Sorry but your friend really screwed you over I think. If that first cop was real cool like you said, he probably would have just driven by or ask what you guys were up to. And then you guys would have said you were waiting for someone or just chatting and having a cig.

    What the hell was your friend thinking? Just left you to deal with the cops? He made it easy for them. Cop shows up and the kid takes of running? Thats like saying "Hey over here" Cops are always on the look out, its their job. But im sure your friend is young and scared, prob didnt know what to do.

    I dont think your in much trouble. With one little nugget thats not much to worry about.

  6. friend –noun <table class="luna-Ent"><tbody><tr><td class="dn" valign="top">1.</td><td valign="top">a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. </td></tr></tbody></table> <table class="luna-Ent"><tbody><tr><td class="dn" valign="top">2.</td><td valign="top">a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter.</td></tr></tbody></table>
  7. So basically your friend Fucked it up for you, but anyway that really sucks man.
  8. the whole not reading you your rights is not going to get you off. that only means that b4 they interrogate u, they have to read it to you and stuff that you tell them if they dont read u ur right they cant admit to court but since they FOUND evidence and drugs that doesnt matter
  9. bottom line dude it matters not what we say rule number one TALK TO A LAWYER ASAP they can give you real info real fast.

    Never talk to a cop after being arrested without a lawyer and never listen to anything they say when your detained eg "if you plead guilty sentence will be reduced" ask a lawyer straight up.

    - galenh
  10. if you really were not read your rights, your case should be thrown out immediately
  11. you have to be in police custody before they HAVE to read you your miranda rights, so anything they asked you before they arrested you is all good, anything they asked you after being in their custody without stating miranda rights is all moot. geta free consultation from a lawyer about when police custody begins and what not. it is a legal search tho since you friend booked it, it gives suspicion to criminal activity. so basically it wont get any evidence thrown out in any way. your best bet is like what ppl have said alrdy get a consult from an attorney or your court appointed attorney and then go from there. i would not be friend with your so called "friend" anymore i dont care how sry he is. id break his fukin face if i ever saw him again. but thats just me. maybe OH has some strict MJ laws but ive never seen anyone arrested for a nug, shit i was driving ina car with someone and we had about an 8th on us, we told the cops we hadt been smokin for a couple hours (wasnt true) but that we did have some weed on us. they took it threw out the weed gave back the tupaware container and off we went.
  12. if they didn't get a warrant and you did not give consent, then the case should by law, be dropped. due to illegal search and seizure. my dad is a judge and saved my record from permanent tainting due to this same thing. but he wanted to disown me! lol
  13. Your friend fucked you both over by running. If he didn't run the cops would have probably told you to go back inside, and thats if they even stopped. I've never heard of a cop doing anything about people with weed other than make them stomp it into the street and send them on their way.
  14. man if he didnt read you your miranda rights your off scott free......
  15. Yup, according to the US Constitution, by precedent, you are required to have your miranda rights read to you within 24 hours of original arrest. If not, then the procedure has been carried out wrongfully and you should be off with no charges at all.

    And to whoever said "theyd just lie and say you were too stoned to hear," ever seen cops? all cop cars have cameras and microphones in them inorder for a supervisor to make sure a cop he is sketchy about is following correct procedure
  16. I hope you don't get all of your police information from cops. The cars of the particular departments that let cops film them happen to have them, and when some unarmed people get shot the city will put them in a few cars to make everyone feel better, but don't think cop cars all have mics, and definetly not cameras. Too much police abuse occurs for that to be so.
  17. Your friends an asshole. He fucked you over and is going to cause you to lose your license, hundreds of dollars in court fees, and countless hours of community service. Make sure to thank him.
  18. Cleveland municipal code:

    1st degree 6 months $1000
    nd degree 90 days $750
    rd degree 60 days $500
    th degree 30 days $250
    Minor no imprisonment $100
  19. yes the office HAS to read you your Miranda rights. "you have the right to remain silent...." you know the drill. man that really sucks, once your friend ran away theres nothin you can do. they're gonna search the car and give you the hardest time possible. cops are people too and they can be tricked if you play it cool , but your friend runnin away left you to dry.
  20. yep theres plenty of cops without cameras and mics. lol out in chicago they're makin every car put cameras on the cruisers and whenever the lights are turned on, the cameras turned on. so police will just pull people over without the lights and just use a spotlight now. i know this because theyve told me believe it or not. corrupted system.

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