Got busted, anybody with experience?

Discussion in 'General' started by mac16, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Im 17 and and got busted for the first time for anything with like a 5 bowl left and a pipe. They didnt arrest me just let me go home with my dad (hes cool he smokes pot, and it was his pipe haha). So probably possession and parphnelia, im in washington state if it helps. What do I face?
  2. well your also now gonna get busted for being under 18 on this site
  3. well your account is going to get deleted first of all. cause you have to be 18 to post here. but now that i'm done with that. You're lucky you're 17, even though you can't post here. It won't be a big deal i don't think. Its just small possessian, you won't got to jail i don't think especially cause washington is a liberal state. even if you do get charged with something big you can get it expunged from your record when you turn 18.
  4. may i post before the closure? thank you.
  5. lol my birthday is may 5th so if its really that big of a deal go ahaead
  6. my friend got busted a few times, this is a story from back in middle school though i dunno if they still do the same thing. but we also lived in washington but he pretty much had to leave the state.
  7. then you will get banned till may 5th.

    anyways your under 18 so you dont face much. probably a court date and probation. id quit smoking since your prolly gonna need to take a UA.
  8. my friend just got a citation for getting caught, although he had to break mr. bubblertron (bubbler). It was just like a speeding ticket, he got a lawyer and poof it disapeared. He was under 18 at the time btw.
  9. Okay in aabout two months ull get your court summons (a paper tells u when and where to show up).. by that time u will be 18 so this trial will be heard as you are 18 not as a minor ..

    (if u get charged as a minor ill tell u what they did for me) had about saame amount on me but was in a school zone? mom came picked me up .. 2 months later got summons .. met court guy talked w/ him signed papers w/ rules and whatnot .. had to do 20hrs of community service or PAY MINIIMUM WAGE for every hour i had .. write a 500some odd word essay on why pots bad .. drug classes (btw which i went in high every time and met a kickass kid down street and we did carpul and blazed every day haha) .. six months monitoring and they only uted me once 2monts into probation and never talked to me again ..

    recently they called askin for my money and paper of community service (i got out on a LONG TIme ago well over six months) so we went and talked to the guy and he said hes NOT GOING TO UT ME!! and i told him i still smoke LIKE ONCES A MONTH IF THAT I LIED BUT HE was glad i told him the 'truth' and still wont ut me even after hearing that haha .. cool dude?

    i think im off now? i never did that paper or paid my community service (but for some reason i think my mom sent in a check for me on the community service)
  10. Parafinelia is usually just a ticket.. I wouldn't sweat it
  11. wierd this is still open. I think the underage thing is when you were arrested not when you are in court. so you shoudl be charged as a minor.

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