Got Busted And Had A Shitty Day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by zongbong88, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. For the last few days my parents have been act suspicous like they know i am smoking. So on the ride home from school with my dad i can tell something is on his mind. So anyways when i get home i go in my closet and notice that my closet is not how i left it this morning and the suit where i stash all my weed (i had 4 joints and 12 grams of mids) was not in the same postion it was in this morning so i fix it and blow it off. Then my dad comes upstaris and tells me he knows i smokes goes in my closet finds ALL my weed, and my one foot ZONG, all me homemade gravity bongs and now he took it all away broke my zong infront of me and the slide and flushed all the weed down the toilet (IN FRONT OF ME). He found everything except my $100 pipe that i love more than anything. The thing that sucks though is he is gonna tell my mom (who will bitch and never get over this), my brother (who is 24 and will KILL ME) and my brothers wife (they live with us). It sucks becasue for 4/20 and till the end of the month i cant smoke and wont have money for a few weeks. THIS SUCKS NAD IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT
  2. brought a fucking tear to my eye.I would have at least asked for the honor of breakiung my own zong. Well ive been caught too, so i knoww how it feels.Anf the brother thing, i know that too.Well best of luck bro, best of luck
  3. UR in UR parents house, sure it sucks. Buy a house, now ya can do anything ya want :hello: .Age limit here ?
  4. damn dude that sucks. just smoke with a friend that has some weed and buy like an 1/8 off him
  5. Parents house parents rules. If you don't like it then move out.
  6. A LOT of people over 18 live with their parents, don't be accusing people of being underage when nothing in their posts specifies anything about their age.

    I know how it feels, man.... My parents flushed some Sweet Tooth and broke my spoon... here's my thread....
  7. Dude , I'm just doing the math. No car Daddy picks me up from school ya live at home .Parents go through ur things, mmmm . Do ya have a job? Oh thats right ya deliver papers and use all ur money on weed . sorry my mistake.
  8. I agree with JuniorCane. To greentoes, what if his dad agreed to drive him home so he wouldn't have to worry about gas money, hmm? I've noticed these things going on around here, you guys don't let SMALL things go by do you? Sorry forget about all this im HIGH. Except the part about CHILLIN-THE-FUCK-OUT.

  9. dont worry about it, im pretty confident all the people that constantly police this place for minors are minors themselves. unless someone is really acting immature, just drop it, who cares?

    that really sucks man, too bad you lost the zong! ugh. id still smoke for 4/20 though. if you blaze at 4:20pm. youll be fine to go home a little after dinner. that shouldnt be sketchy for you should it?

    good luck anyways bro.
  10. Well... I'm really sorry your parents are that way. Truth is, it isn't your house... get a small apartment with a friend and split rent if you have to. Definetly don't stop blazing, just don't keep things at their house. If you put stuff in a back pack, that's chill, because it's your stuff and it's basically on your person.
  11. I remember before I started smoking weed... I must have been like 13 or so... my parents finding my brother's stash and paraphernalia and throwing it all in the fireplace... while my brother and I watched. Then when I started smoking in high school, my mom found my stash and gave me the stern lecture on how it was her house, how she couldn't stop me from getting high, and that she just didn't want me doing it under her roof. Period. I was so grateful for just a warning that I didn't smoke under her roof until about 5 years ago when my dad passed away... and even then, it was in the basement under her floor.

    Anyway, it's not the end of the world... really. Buck up and take it on the chin, my friend...! Shit will get better. :eek:
  12. what gives you the right to smoke in there house?
  13. IT sucks. I only have like 15 dollars so i guess i will be dry for a while. Ohh well i can control my self untill next weekend.
  14. I'd "take" how ever much money all that shit is worth from them. And give them a nice big "fuck you I smoke weed".
  15. Man it's their home and you gotta respect that! first of all you need to educate your parents about the harms of marijuana, show them hard proof about marijuana and def rent the movie Grass! its a movie about marijuana and dea. every single anti weed person who watched it has been pro marijuana after that! just be cool about it. and show them the truth!

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