got beat while fucked up then got it back

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  1. so the other night me and my boyz are slammin md20/20s and after 2 big ones im fucked up and pass out for like 2 hours

    i wake up not nowing what happend and slam my friends booze and fell back out for a while

    for a unknown time i was then hanging out pretty fucked up and dont really remeber what happened till 2am

    at 2 me and my friend run outside and smashed a few mailboxes idk what just thought it was fun at time normal dont do that

    so after all that i get back to the kids house dont remebeer what i was doing but then passed out on the coach at like 330 i was woken up on the ground and then stumbled in my friends room

    then at 430 we were both up and sparked a j then smoked it and went back to bed

    so wake up at 930 with a pretty bad hangover and no weed

    i then find it on the ground were 4 grams were taken later confirmed by a scale and then the kids who took it said i smoked them up on 2 bowl but i knew much more was taken

    later i found out it was definally them and one of the kids who did got in the car and i asked to see his bud and he gave me it and i poured all of his bud about 3 grams in my bag and gave him his empty bag back and didnt say anything to the kid

    the other kid who took it later appoligised and i told him he still owed me 2 gs or 40 bucks which he is doing

    TLDR: i got wicked fucked up blacked out a lil fucked up some mailboxes blazed and got 4gs of bud taken in one night , the next night i beat the kid infront of his face for 3 gs and the other kid who stole it owes me 40 bills now too and said he was sorry
  2. You pretty much deserved it "fucking up mailboxes".
  3. the kid who fucked up mailboxes with me was the kid who stole it and it was his idea i was just mad fucked up
  4. Damn. Could not follow.
  5. ya fuck i really fucked up the story it should sound way more badass
  6. Slamming md 20/20s??

  7. that means suckin dick. few bros hanging out sucking dick. and when he says he beat him in his car, he means jerked off.
  8. sounds lik ethose kids are bitch madee

  9. Fuxk was you reading?
  10. Why the fuck do you let kids around your stash? Thats how you get robbed. Don't even let those phaggots in your room. The only reason i even really let people into my house is because there isn't crap in the living room or kitchen to steal. Cept maybe plates and utensils.

    You gotta watch people man. Thats why you never "slam mad dog 420(wtf?)" around people you don't trust. Or get black out drunk period. My friend was drinking vodka with these kids sophomore year. He passed out and they couldn't wake him up. They dumped him on the side of the fucking road and left him there. As messed up as it is some people can be fucked up like that. Hell i can be fucked up at times. So think about who you are around before you do dumb shit. And just drink beers at the party man. Maybe a few shots. But don't try to get fucked up and pass out and act like a douche bag. Just chill.

  11. i was reading the look on yo Mommas face.. when i came all over it....OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! SHIEEET!!!!!!! FUCKIN SHIEEET SON!
  12. it wasnt a party just us hanging out boozin and blazing
  13. C'mon does anyone believe this guy is over 18? I have not touched a mailbox since I was 12 lol
  14. i am over 18 so you go ahead with your evidence and prove me guilty officer apu
  15. This ain't a court of law kid I was just asking other posters a question avoiding you entirely because frankly I do not want to chat about childish and very ball less vandalism with a minor. I will not post again for those reasons.
  16. More badass...right. Nothing about acting that immature is "badass."

  17. haha i love this place i get shit for everthing im high and cant think of a word for cooler so i used badass idk why i usally never do but by me using it once im a little kid

  18. judging by what you've said here, if we've to believe you that your over 18 then you must be legally retarded.

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