Got arrested today. Strange story.

Discussion in 'General' started by PrimalScreamer, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So today I was up to my usual mischief, chilling at some half burned down abandoned houses at 4:20 pm smoking grass with 6 other people. When we see the cops coming, so we fuckin booked it out of there. Then outta nowhere a police car cuts us off. Long story short, I get arrested for trespassing.

    Here's where it gets weird. I told the officer before he arrested me that he couldn't search my backpack and that i had no weed when he asked if he could look for weed(as everyone should always do) even though I knew i didnt have weed on me(my friends had it all) just pipes. After he arrests me and takes me to the station, he asks me again if i have weed cuz hes gonna search my shit and he really really hates liars. I say no. He starts going through my shit and finds a container with weed in it. FUCK! I had no idea I had it. He gets really pissed, then i go to get my picture and fingerprints taken. I get all my shit back, told that I gotta go to court for tresspassing and having a "switchblade"(I bought it at a convinience store for 2 bucks, i didnt know stores can sell illegal things...), and then told that im free. NO MARIJUANA CHARGES! I get home and notice that they fuckin gave me back my weed too!
    What the hell?!
    Now im about to smoke the weed the pigs found for me and forget about the tresspassing and knife charges. haha.
  2. So im gonna have to call bullshit, just because even if he didnt charge you there is no way he would give you back the weed. i just highly cannot see the cop going ohh MARIJUANA nah we dont want that give it back to him.
  3. I am not calling bullshit. He couldn't take that as evidence since he had no probable cause to search "your shit." Good luck with your slap on the wrist. But, be careful now the cops are going to fuck with you for the next 6 months. Enjoy. :smoking:
  4. true true he could be covering his own ass but how easy is it for a cop to get probable cause? all he had to do was say he smelled like marijuana or he suspected theft where he was trespassing.
  5. what?????? i know cops can do some stupid shit.. but they actually gave you the weed back?!?!? i got lucky one time because supposedly the cops "misplaced" the evidence (my quarter o).. then after 7 months, 2 days after i turn 18 they "found" it.. judge didnt buy it so i got off
  6. No, really! I do live in California and it was only about a dime sack so maybe he didnt care. Maybe that was it? but he looked pretty angry about finding it..

    Oh also, I had about 5 film canisters, 1 had the weed, 2 were full of stems and the rest were empty. They took all my stems but left my weed. haha that makes it sound even more unbelievable. He could of mixed em up maybe.

    P.s. Anyone know if theyre mandated to read you your rights if you get hand cuffed? Because i'm pretty sure they didnt, unless I was so out of it(first time getting hand cuffed, by the police..) i blocked it out.
  7. They are mandated to read your rights when they take you into custody or ask you questions about a open case, even if they didnt all that means is they cant use anything you said against you.

  8. Anything that enters the police station can be searched. They don't need probable cause.
  9. They are not required to read you your maranda rights before you get taken in.
  10. anyone think i have a case against the switchblade charges? I bought that knife from the store by my house. They just have em on the counter, I saw how cheap they were so I said why not buy it. I had it in my front pocket of my pants. The blade was about 2 inches long.
    I just don't understand how I can go in a store and buy something they have on the counter, then get arrested for having it. This makes no sense to me.
  11. Do some research on your states laws involving carrying a pocket knife and if there is an age requirement(I'm not sure, there could be, could not). Just make sure you know your facts before court, make it aware that you weren't trying to do anything destructive. Be sure to explain your side, and as always, judges like respectfulness.
  12. Dude, if he arrests you for tresspassing then the cop has every right to search you. Your under arrest.
  13. Miranda rights are read upon charging an individual not when they are taken into custody..
  14. he slipped you the illumanati super weed yo if u smoke that shit the government is going to take over your mind
  15. Uh yeah..
    So smoke that shit up son!
    Who DOESN'T want to be part of the Illuminati?
    Shit I wanna be a rich ass world-controller.
  16. first: that probly happens alot
    second: they think that you have learned from this lesson
    third: dont smoke in public or at least not is really sketchy places

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