Got arrested for the first time last night /:

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  1. Hey Blades, 19 years old college student from NYC. Basically I smoked a blunt in a dark park and then walked out of it. Got picked up by DT van. Had 3 brownies on me and about 11 grams. Needless to say I was fucking scared shitless. Didn't want my parents to find out since that'd be it for me but since I'm 19 that worked out nicely. Anyway I'm taking this as a learning experience, gonna go dry for a while and when I do start back up I'm not gonna carry obnoxious amounts of shit on me. Like deadass, I was locked up in a cell with a drunk driver, a wife beater and a guy who got into a bar fight and I was just like "shit I don't belong here"

    So yeah that's my cool story of the night.

    Tl;dr don't be a dumbass an carry anything you can't get rid of.
  2. I learned the same thing when I got caught with an unmentionable that I causally carried with me all the time in high school. But thankfully I'm almost off probation for that
  3. My friend just got arrested for the first time in dec..

    Scary shit.
  4. Never been arrested,knock on wood.
  5. never been arrested, But i did get caught for stealing last year. But still haven't even gotten a call.
  6. Arrested with a 3000$ fine that im still paying off.. All over, .2 of mids:mad:
  7. 3 brownies? Cool story - happens to a lot of us..........but why 3 brownies?
  8. Damn what state are you in man? That's harsh! :eek:
  9. Damn dude. But yea, dont ever carry more than you intend to smoke and only what you need. It would be nice to walk around all day with a fat bag of grass in your pocket, but its just not safe.
  10. if you had a blunt, why did you have all the other stuff? Pre-roll it.. or bring what you need to roll and thats it.
  11. The ONLY time I carry that much pot is if I just picked up
  12. Just a forewarning. This is most likely going to come out to your parents one way or another, so I recommend being the first to let them know about it :eek:
  13. [quote name='"TheOldReliable"']Just a forewarning. This is most likely going to come out to your parents one way or another, so I recommend being the first to let them know about it :eek:[/quote]

    The truth.
  14. [quote name='"RememberTheName"']

    The truth.[/quote]

    Yup. OP's about to have a crap load of pamphlets and letters from lawyers sent to his home address, which, unless he got a new drivers license/ID since he's been in college, is his parents address.
  15. Unless his parents respect his privacy like my mom did.

    I was personally handed my OUI letter from my mom :)
  16. Gravedigging this just to tell everyone my case got dismissed and immediately sealed and my parents never knew. Everything worked out :)
  17. Consider yourself lucky my friend. You live and you learn. Now you know how stupid it is to carry that much on you.
  18. I been arrested once. fucking sucks. shoplifting haha. fucking blew.
  19. Why did your case get dropped OP?

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