Got arrested and charged for BEING HIGH

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  1. Gotta love NJ. Me and 2 friends were hanging out ripping my buddy's new bong (birthday present) at a park near his house. I saw a white ford explorer pull into the lot, but thought nothing of it because we'd been going to this spot for years with no problem. Next thing I knew, undercover narcotics officers swarmed us (one literally came sprinting out of a bush), searched us, turned up the bong, a grinder, and 1/3 of a gram of marijuana. Being that the bong and grinder belonged to my friend, he told the officers that they were his. Throughout the entire searching process we were extremely cooperative and respectful, but they chose to arrest us anyway. Presumably because we posed such a huge threat to society. Originally I was told I wasn't being charged with anything, then after being brought to the station they decided to charge me with "Being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance". My school drug tested me the next day, and I failed and was suspended for 2 weeks. My entire life has been pretty ruined by this, as a drop in my grades could result in a loss of my academic scholarship of $72,000. Is this not complete and utter BULLSHIT?!My parents freaked out and are 100% opposed to me having any kind of social life for the remainder of my senior year of high school. Thanks for listening, GC. I am in dire need of talking to people who can potentially relate.
  2. I enjoy reading stories like this it makes me feel better
    sorry bro
  3. Sucks so bad man. Get arrested, and potentially lose your scholarship just for smoking weed? Seems fucking ridiculous man. Good luck with everything
  4. It's so messed up lol. One of the kids I was with wasn't even smoking, and he got charged with possession because the cops misread his license, thought he was 17, and processed him like a minor. They asked him why he "lied about his age", and he said "you didn't ask me how old I was, you just took my license." So they charged him anyway for "lying to them" after we told them multiple times that he was not smoking with us lol. Scumbag narcs. My life got completely ruined over this, atleast for the time being. And while they ran through backyards to get to us, they ran through the yard of a dude who I know sells and uses pills and other hard drugs. But I end up being the criminal *sigh*
  5. And this is why I'll let my kids partake at my house. I would hope it's legal by the time they're old enough but if not, I'll do what I can to keep them out of trouble.
  6. YOU CAN GET OUT OF THIS, im sure.

    The legal system is a crazy thing. Do they have any proof of you being high?
    Did they take blood test? anything?
    If they didn't when you go to your court date tell them that you werent even high.
    If they dont have any evidence chances are they'll dismiss this.

    Im sorry to hear that, i Live in Colorado and i got a possesion charge and all i got was 35 hours of community service. I would plead not guilty though.
  7. Invest in one of the best lawyers to ensure the greatest possible outcome.

    Don't worry about anythings else.
  8. Fuck the system! Do something if you can.
  9. To hear stuff like this just pisses me of luck to you man, I really hope you get a way out of this.
  10. Worst case scenario I get put on probation, my lawyer didn't even discuss the possibility of fighting it lol. Regardless I will not end up with any kind of criminal record. It just sucks because the damage that is already done cannot be repaired. Parents are extremely pissed and I have a ton of work I have to make up for school. Atleast I passed my drug test to reenter school so I can smoke a little for the time being :l
  11. Absolute worst part is that I got caught by my parents last year, they told me my friends were bad influences and I was gonna get arrested if I continued hanging out with them. Leave it to me to prove them right. Now I'm not allowed to hang out with them for the rest of high school, so I'm stuck pretty much by myself all the time. I'm an honors student and a varsity athlete, all I wanna do is smoke and enjoy my life lol. Why is that illegal :(
  12. so you just smoked out in public with a bong? has anyone besides the cops ever seen you or have been able to see you?

  13. Not really out in public, the spot we go to is pretty difficult to see from anywhere besides that parking lot. Cops said that they were watching the park from the time we walked there lol. Just bad timing I guess. And yeah the bong and grinder were a bad idea, but we had a false sense of security because we had been there many many times and never had any problems. Bummer.
  14. they arrested you for being under the influence without any proof? they need a proper drug test. if they didn't take one, just say in court that you weren't high, but were planning to smoke

    i'm surprised they didn't charge your buddy and you for paraphernalia since that's all they really could do. fucking swat officers coming for a 1/3 gram of weed? such a small amount that nothing could be done about it practically

    i got 30 hours of community service when i was 16 for having two bowls on me. then i rang someone's doorbell being a prick just fucking around and they called the cops thinking my friends and i were on meth. cops gave me 30 more hours of community service for fucking ringing a doorbell. i never completed that because it was just too stupid

    made me hate nj cops ever since i was a teenager
  15. Yeah NJ cops are the fucking worst. My town has so many and the narcs will literally put you away for anything they possibly can. 1/3 of a gram to fuck up 3 high school kids' lives. Makes no sense to me.
  16. The cops witnessed them smoking.

    OP your lawyer knows what he is doing. It would be fucking stupid to fight this because you would lose, and then you would not get any "first offense" leniency.

    Also I know this seems like it is "ruining your life" but you will get past it, no problem. Soon it will be one of those, "Man I was dumb back then!" stories.
  17. Op did you think about smoking a bong in a public park? Whatever you get you deserve imo. Think things thru nxt time
  18. Keep your mouth shut delete this thread and get a lawyer
  19. Should have bolted out of there as soon as someone comes running out of a bush I'm gone
  20. should have ate the weed atleast.. whatever thats what cops do.

    sure there are drug cartels and people robbing old ladies but they'd rather bust a few stoners minding their business and write traffic tickets all day.
    who knows those pigs probably spilled their coffee or didnt enjoy their donut that morning.

    I know a few cops who are pussies and are associated with drug users themselves. only some but not all. our society is ass- backwards

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