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Got approached by a random guy at a gas station trying to blaze...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr Gargamel, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. What's up guys.

    This afternoon I wanted to go see the new Planet of the Apes movie, so I went out into the city to the movie theater. I got out around 9:30, and went to a gas station afterwards to get something to drink. Keep in mind I was in kind of a run down place in the city (The gas station I went into had bullet proof glass in front of the cashier...)

    Anyway, after I got my drink, I went outside, and started walking to my car. I see some black (not being racist, just saying) teenager running towards my car. I got the fuck in my car, locked the door, and started the car up. He told me to roll my window down. I did.

    He was like "Yo, what the fuck I"m not trying to rob you *****, do you smoke bud?" I was like "Ummm.... I mean, are you trying to find some contacts or something?" He was like "Well I just moved here you know, and I don't know anyone around here." So I was like "Well, I could help you out, but I don't really live around here, I live like half an hour out of here". He was like "Why are you over here?" i was like, "Because I'm trying to get my Planet of the Apes on..."

    He told me not to worry, he wasn't a robber, he said he carries a piece (which he showed me) but only to defend himself. He gave me his name and told me to add him on facebook.

    I just thought I'd share this, it was really weird, the kid looked 16 at the oldest.... and I don't even know why he approached me. I am white, had a dress shirt and tie on... it was weird. He told me he was looking for some "white boy shit".
  2. HOLD ON.....

    ..was the new Planet of the Apes good?
  3. Hahaha that's pretty tight bro, but id probably freak the out and floor it the fuck outta there lol.
  4. Um, dude that was me! I'm not 16, I'm 20. HMU Bro WTF! This is awesome!
  5. so you wear ties to the movies?

    intresting story btw
  6. Suburban kids...
  7. On a more important note, how was PoTA?
  8. ..forreal?

  9. Nah LOL
  10. troll? or pretty fucking awesome coincidence?

    edit: nevermind. the above post killed my spirit

  11. LOOOOOOOOL I just creased irl...
  12. Why didn't you have "surprise sex" with him then steal his bud?
  13. So OP, are you going to add him?
  14. First of all any man with common sense knows if your in a undesirable part of town to carry protection. Whether that be a Glock or a pocket knife.
  15. People really throw around the troll word too much. We come here to have fun, not to act like we have sand in our vaginas and like we just got a root canal.

  16. No. Good ish story line with a few moments that you had to figure out yourself. Decent CGI as well as good acting. I however, did not fancy the ending... I found it to be rather shallow and pedantic.
  17. i thought that shit was epic. EPIC.

    disliked the ending the the guy above me said, but what can you do, dont always get what you want....

    they did spend close to 90 million to make it

    also lold at the robber part. "dont worry im not a robber" thats something a robber would say lol
  18. Planet of the Apes was pretty good.

    I was dressed up because I was jamming with my *****s earlier, and taking pictures.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. Haha if I saw a random guy running to my car I'd floor it.

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