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Got any ideas for smelling less like bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bonginator, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Need help on ways i can stay smelling fresh around my family and girlfriend when i just got done blazing with homies. Girlfriend doesn't really care but Mom will kick my ass. Hit me up if you got some ideas.

  2. What I used to do when I lived at home was when me and my buddies were tokin I would just wear a hoodie and a beanie and then before I went home I would change into a fresh smoke-free hoodie and take my beanie off, wash my hands, put some Clear Eyes in, and BAM! You look and smell sober as a judge!
  3. Carry a fresh bounty sheet with you in your back pocket or something and at the end of the night take it out and just rub it on your hoody or whatever and itll makes that shit smell dandy
  4. Use AXE or Tag Body spray it is cheap and always does the trick i used to go to work high and would have to talk to the store manager and would always use that worked wonders.:hello:

  5. lol, i use to do the same thing. but my manager later told me, (once i found out he smoked) that he always smelled weed on me. covered in Axe or body spray lol..

    dryer sheets or w/e should work. i use them for alot of "smell" type things
  6. Try not blowing the smoke on yourself.

    Works every time.
  7. Try to wear something that covers your hair, a hat/beanie. Usually the scent of smoke will stay in your hair for a while, sometimes even after a good shower. And change clothes/axe/eyedrops, etc.
  8. word.
  9. Wash your hands and face, brush your teeth, mouthwash, & Old Spice swagger

    works everytime :)

    Also.. blow the smoke away from you.
  10. changing clothes always works for me. Although sometimes i feel like my pants kinda reek too if you were bakin something out. I also try not to french inhale if i have to go home cause everything smells like weed
  11. Or, Don't wash your ass, rest of body yes.

    After a while yo ass so stanky no one could ever smell weed on you.
  12. less hotboxing the blunt on the way to family functions lol
  13. I prefer the OZIUM and tag combo.

    1) roll up windows and spray OZIUM everywhere.
    2) roll down windows to get the strong OZIUM smell out of your car.
    3) roll up windows and spray self with tag/axe.

    This is the best method I have found. OZIUM kills the smell, tag/axe masks the lemon/makes you smell better.
  14. Stop hotboxing. Problem solved.
  15. Very similar to what I do :] Nice and slick huh?
  16. When someone reeks of axe or tag, I always assume they've been smoking. I just wear more than one layer always. So if I ever do reek, I can take a layer off.
  17. Clear Eyes and Ozium all day.
  18. Everybody makes a big deal about smell but it's easy: Change clothes, deodorant, gum. It's that simple

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