got another instrumental fresh out the lab check it!

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  1. [ame=]Studio716 - Faded (instrumental) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. more coming soon! And thankyou to the GC community for feedback/likes/views on my instrumentals
  3. Not trying to be a hater or anything, but that beat is super generic and boring, keep working on coming up with a more individual style, sounds like a bunch of stock drum kit sounds with a few simple effects mixed in. It takes time for producers to find their own style, don't give up though, everybody has to start somewhere..

  4. word i was actually disappointed with this one but people kept asking me to put new beats out

  5. don't rush it man, I know people hear one good thing and all they want is more, more, more, but make sure that your satisfied with your work and confident it has reached its fullest potential before you go trying to please other peoples demands, I look forward to hearing whatever you come up with...peace
  6. don't let the haters get to you man. I think its a good start to a beat. Only thing i didn't like was the saw synth especially right at 1:18. Other than that it was just a little simple. Try putting more melodys over it. I actually thought of some things in my head that would sound good on it. And I'd add some open hi hats too. I like the bass line. Keep it up.

    BTW i also make beats
    SoundClick artist: Dylan Beatz - I make beats

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