got an oc 40, any way to lose the time release?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ryano85, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. sorry if this has been discussed but my google search came up with nothing and i hope to take this soon, so yeah anyway to make it not time released? i dont take opietes often so i imagine i will get nice and fucked up, can i just crush it up and blow it or drink it down? any suggestions would help.

    also, am i fine to take a whole 40? i wanna get fucked up, but i would also like to live to see another day, i have a bit of a tolorence and usually take 20 mg of vicodin 1 time a month or so
  2. u peel the coating off... crush it up then rail it
  3. peel off the tan coating?
  4. Put the pill in your mouth.
    Swish around for a bit.
    Wipe off with paper towl.
  5. fuck... i already peeled it off, haha. but is that it? the tan coating, is that the time release part?
  6. put it in your mouth for a split second untill u get the slightest sensation of sourness on your tongue

    take it outa your mouth ASAP as to not let the OC get wet

    then, take a paper towel, your shirt, what ev and just rub it off

    then chop, snort, and enjoy your high!
  7. well i already peeled off the tan coating, and the white part of the pill is totally exposed, so should i still do that?
  8. [​IMG]

    thats what it looked like, now imagine it totally white, haha.. thats what im left with, i just took a few min. and peeled it off with my finger nail and it didnt mess with the rest of it in the slightest..
  9. no

    that would be unessisary at this point
  10. but at this point it is already done! i have already peeled it off!

    so i guess the new question is what the fuck is the time release coating?!?! is it the tan coating that i pealed off already!?

  11. yes the time release is the coating that you just peeled off, now grind it down and snort away
  12. awsome, thanks a lot man i apreciate it
  13. If you dont take opiates often i dont think time released 40mg is a great idea.
    Isnt it like, 2 doses of 40mg spaced like, 4 hours apart? idk. W.e, if it were me i would do half and if i wasnt fucked up to my liking in 40min, do the rest. I remember i did 40mg the first time, damn, it was messed.
  14. i snorted it about 20 min. ago, im feelin pretty fucked up but i wish i was more fucked up, oh well i will smoke a bowl... wait, has it totally kicked in after 20 min? i dont usually snort pills so im not sure how long it takes to kick in
  15. yeah, it has kicked in fully

    try sniffling to get some oxy stuck in your nose to your brain

    if u have any more left then snort it
  16. Yeah i usually snort too. I tried morphine for the first time 4 days ago, took 45min for me to feel it completley. I was really naseuas tho. I snorted.
    Usually you dont want to smoke pills, the burning filler is bad for you, i suggest against. Snort or swallow ;) (most opiods make you sick if you take the pill for the first time)

  17. This but use a hose clamp to file it. That is, if you got one handy.
  18. i have no more left:(, and i licked the plate i crushed/snorted it off clean

  19. the only time an opiod has ever made me nauseus was soboxin and that was because i almost died i believe, i threw up for hours.. i have never smoked one, and dont think i will ever, im fine with snorting or crushing em up and taking em with a shot
  20. Well i know there are a couple common ones out there, i know morphine has a horrible track record for oral use. I get stomache aches (horribly bad) and constipation when taking orally, but only for the first couple days straights. Then people usually settle out and its ok.

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