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Got An Idea For My Drug Tests, Will It Work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rushkin, May 26, 2013.

  1. Ok guys so I am being drug tested at this rehab shit every two weekes. I am usually in the bathroom by myself.
    Could I pea a little so there is some yellow and then fill it up with water 90%. End result is that it would look like urine but mostly water, and I don't think they do tests to see if its actually urine but they do put it in the freezer.

  2. So what do you guys think
  3. It won't work. You need to even the ph levels or they'll know. Take B12 the morning of the test, drink a lot of water that morning, and take a creatine supplement every day a week in advance
  4. Be careful with the creatine. Creatinine is the waste product found in muscles (meaning you piss it out), so creatine is in the body naturally. When taken as a supplement you must be sure to drink a lot of water. I've heard from guys who work out that it can damage your kidneys and make you put on water weight, so it can help pass a drug test but don't go overboard with how much you take!
  5. i dont know about anyone one else but if i know i cant pass one ill put water or anything laying around in the cup to screw the reading up usually rusults in another test some other day if they come to you
  6. are you getting tested by your parents? next time your tested look at what kind of test they have (like get the name brand and whatever). then google the name of the test and see how the tests work and how you can get away with it.
  7. My last d-day lol I brought piss in a shampoo bottle worked like a charm
  8. You might as well use apple juice if you're dumb enough to think that all they look at is the color.
  9. You could also try a product called "Omnicleanse" it tastes horrible and turns your urine into a nuclear yellow color, but I took it a few years back and passed a drug test 44 hours after smoking. It's not cheap (about $40/bottle of 32oz) but it absolutely works.
  10. I used one called Herbal Clean, Q Carbo. I used it about 5-6 times and always passed, but you have to be careful because some labs will know you used a detox drink. I'm unsure of what lab my tests were done thru tho, all surprise random tests for no reason.

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