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  1. So i am thinking about starting on cocaine. Not every DAY but like once in a while. I am really good at not getting addicted to stuff. I have smoked cigs for 2 years but never felt ADDICTED. So i was wondering how much cocaine should i get for 10 dollars and for 20 dollars?? Also is there a way i can check to see if it is coke when i buy it without snorting it so i know its the real thing? Any smell??

    Pictures with prices would be VERY APPRECIATED.

    Also what does coke make you feel like and how much should i do for the first time?? Also how fine to i chop it up??

    Thanks Lots,
  2. Blow is fun but it's easy to get addicted to it. Just keep yourself from doing it more than once every month or two and there's like no way you'll get addicted.

    First off, you're not going to get jack shit for $10 or $20. Coke is not a kids or low rollers drug, it's expensive as fuck. Regular quality can go for about $50/gram and that will *maybe* last one through the night. Maybe. A friend and I bought a couple grams and between us it kept us going all through the night into the morning, but we were also not really using it a whole lot, just enough to keep us up and going (geeked, so to speak).

    Coke has a distinct taste, I've heard of people rubbing it on their teeth and gums but the guy my friends and I get it from has always been legit so there's been no need.

    I gram is like the size of marble. Check for pics. Grind it up a small as possible.

    I don't really recommend coke. It's way too expensive for what it does. When you come down you fiend for more. $50 worth of bud can keep me high for days but with blow you're measuring it in minutes. That's just my opinion.
  3. Cocaine... the word 'insidious' comes to mind... go ahead and try it once... but for heaven's sake don't waste any more time or money on it after that. It's an anesthetic, a 'numb-er'... you know, it makes you numb... effects don't last long enough to be worth the pricetag. If by chance you get hooked (it IS one of the most addictive substances), it can ruin you.... so....

    Go ahead. Do it. Get it over with. And don't waste your time doing it again. Really...:cool:

  4. in order to actually help you, instead of lecture you:

    take a credit card/library card etc and rub it on the gram until fine as possible.

    if youre just starting out, i highly doubt youll get a gram under 40 dollars unless you have a good friend.

    you can taste it, rub a little on your tongue and wait to get a numb tongue, then its the real deal.

    have fun man, ive done coke countless times, and i have the stories to prove it. its fun and crazy, but it will suck your funds.

    youll be jacked, youll feel happy and youll want to probably pace around if youre inside. i recommend walking out in the sunshine with that goofy grin on your face.

    edit: enjoy your first time man, dont do more than a gram. for your first time, dont do more than a gram. dont do more than a gram for your first time, enjoy it.

    the only bad thing about coke is that youll love the feeling so much youll want to do it again.
  5. It's a fun drug to experiment with.

    Be careful, it's easy to get carried away with.

  6. Reading my post again, it really did sound like lecturing, didn't it? :rolleyes:
    But I've had a couple bouts of addiction with cocaine, one of them ending up with me in the men's room at work, with a pocketful of tip change covered in a gram of cocaine because the vial opened in my pocket, and tears just running down my cheeks.

    Not a pretty sight when it grabs hold of you...:cool:

    That's why I lecture... to offer my experiences as some sort of insight. "And if it helps just one person..." Now, I'm sounding sorta preachy, huh? :smoking: :cool:
  7. Whats a good line like show me with picture or descriptions. Also whats a good thing to snort it with like do i just put the line on the table and snort or do i get a pen and take all the insides out??
  8. Only get a gram at the least. It will be about $60. And a good line is about ________________ and I dont know how to do the thickness. Use a straw or dollar bill. NOTE: money is really, really dirty
  9. oh man i love the shit but i raaaaarely do it.
    you wont find anything for 10-20, more like $40-$60. youll know your shit is good if you get something more like a solid clump or clumplets. its better than getting the yay already fine, b/c who knows how it might have been tampered with, or cut. dealers add things like lidocaine to their shit to sell more product. crush it with the FLAT SIDE, not the edge of your credit card or whatever. if your shit looks a little like fish scales its good. hopefully you find some shit that makes your whole mouth numb if you rubbed it on your lips. and dont smoke when your doing coke, let the coke do its job and only smoke when you know youre coming down. good luck and dont go crazy :smoke:
  10. If you got the hook up you can get an eight ball of coke (3.5g) for $100 straight. Most people will end up paying $40-$60 a gram though... coke is something to do if you have a trustable hook up otherwise you're just begging to get ripped off and you'll likely never know.
  11. man you already sound like your bound to get addicted...
    "im thinking of starting on cocain"
    dont make that shit a regular habit, try it once and get over it. Its not that great high last like 40 min and then you feel like complete shit after, plus ontop of that its hella expensive.
  12. dude, this is a Marijuana forum not Cocain. A topic like this will incourage a stoner to the next level. I been there done it but. It just doest seem right for a thread like this. Ask us how much weed you wanna buy!
    Anywayz buy as much as possible and dont chop it up, snort till your eyes bleed :p
  13. the best times ive had with it, the product def. came in a clump or rock form. But i wouldnt do that shit all the time, it gets expensive and make you feel dirty after while.

    If your hell bent on doing it at least buy a gram and do it with a friend. oh and the best way to save it through the night. is to do a line about every 30 minutes or so. I would also make sure you had a party to go to cause your prolly gonna wanna hang out with a group of people/bitches.
  14. man, don't plan to go out starting a new drug. If it happenes to come by you sometime in life then fine... but coke is nothing to go looking for dude. its just gonna make you feel good for a bit, then you'll want more.
  15. youve smoked cigarettes for two years and you dont think your addicted? why are you smoking them?
    cocaine is BAD.if you think the guys story about crying over his busted coke vial ina bathroom was a lie im sure it wasnt. after the first 5 minutes of a snort you feel really bad,.bad about everything and then bad about snorting cocaine,...then you do it again and again and then you snort up your 50 bucks all night long then you feel really really bad and you look bad and then you want somemore and if you have some money you probably will get more. till you have no more money,......but someone who's smoked cigarettes for two years without becoming addicted may be a different story.dunno
  16. I've done it twice and will never do it again. There's nothing wrong with it, I just know how easily you can get addicted. The first time I did it I was completely sober and I was just really really hyper and I put a lil in my mouth and my mouth went completely numb. The 2nd time I did it I had smoked a blunt and then took a few bumps and my eyes wouldn't stop moving. Another thing some of you guys might not have heard of is taking a VERY little amount and rubbing it on your'll burn for a second but your eye goes numb and it's fucking great. Anyways....yea don't do it often at'll suck up all your money and you'll want to keep doin it.
  17. Alright

    To answer, 10 or 20 bucks wont buy you realy anything more than a line or 4 at a party, dont ever pay more than 5 dollers a line at a party. BUt a gram can normally run from 40-60, but i have seen people pay 90 and a few times 30 for a gram. a gram will last myself about an hour. But your first time i wouldnt do more than a gram in a night and just pace yourself, its amazing

    When you buy it, just be like can i taste it first? he should say ok, if he is legit, and just stick the end of your pinky into the bag. make sure it gets like, what looks like a little, doesnt take much, onto your finger then rub it on your bottom gum, then your top, then suck it all off just to tmake sure and rub it in with your tongue where your finger hit and spread it everywhere, it has a very distinct taste, after your first time it will be stuck in your head what coke tastes like.

    When you do your first line, if it burns. sorry man they cut it, simple as that its not good coke and there is baking soda or somen in it. not good.

    Coke is extremely fun, just dont move onto crack(also fun) and dont do it more than once or twice a week in my opinion, but it is, and always will be my fav drug
  18. Fuck crack....wouldn't come anywhere near that shit
  19. youre bad
  20. shit i was getting 60 dollar balls of some 92%. the hookup was too good. made my habit a lifestyle.

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